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I mean, probably not? But if WWE ever decides The Big Dog should be next, this can certainly be used in the build.

Here’s how we got here. Some fans noticed that WWE sets up a small piece of padding on the stage for Roman Reigns to punch during his superhero pose entrance. A pic of it made it’s way to his Twitter account, and Reigns offered an explanation... with a side of shade for Goldberg.

Nothing to explain Nick. It’s a little piece of pad. So I don’t break my hand on steel grate. I gota perform like 48 weeks a year man. So that would be stupid. It would be like, head butting a door before my match level of stupid. Anyway, have a good day Nick.

— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) January 18, 2020
If you don’t get the reference, well... click here. Self-inflicted head trauma was also a part of the Hall of Famer’s disastrous match with Undertaker in Saudi Arabia last June.

Did Roman just make the list (not to be confused with The List... that’s over in AEW now) along with Matt Riddle?

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