News Reigns vs HHH At Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 10, 2014.

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    If they wanted to go this route, then the seeds are definitely there for the feud. Reigns stood up to HHH on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago and they could play even more into that as the weeks build up to Mania. This is the same way Batista went from being a heel in Evolution to being a mega huge babyface within the span of literally a couple of months in 2005 - by opposing HHH. They could certainly do the same with Reigns. No telling the reaction he'd get the moment he had enough and speared HHH on Raw or something. Plus, they could easily just do Ambrose/Rollins with Rollins playing the babyface. The negative thing is that Bryan isn't getting the match with HHH and there's little doubt that Batista is walking out of Mania the champion, which will still leaves fans madder than hell since Bryan won't be the champ.
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  2. Yeah, they teased it on SmackDown, but it really doesn't make any sense. The Shield were Hunter's henchman for about three weeks and that's about it.
    It's very different to the Batista/Evolution situation, let's be honest. It will lead to Rollins and Ambrose being buried as they make the pre-show.

    I guess Reigns has muscles and shit. Seems like he's overtaken Bryan who's been waiting for this match for months.
  3. HHH vs Reigns won't draw. No real reason for Reigns to face HHH at WM because it's not like he's had a long term issue with him or anything. Besides, it would completely throw away his issues with Ambrose, and in the process would send Ambrose and Rollins elsewhere, either jobberville or midcard. I don't want Bryan to face HHH, but it would make the most sense at this point in time, albeit he ultimately deserves to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. He might be in it according to recent reports, but Reigns shouldn't take his place if that ends up happening. The dissension of the Shield is the best route for Reigns, and although I'd much rather have Rollins win that Ambrose and Reigns, I imagine that Reigns will win because of his strength, or Rollins will win because the issues between Ambrose and Reigns will allow Rollins to take advantage.
  4. I agree pushing him this fast could possibly be rushing things but you never know if it'll draw or not. I know this and the Batista/Evolution situations are much different, but the comparison is that Batista wasn't really getting many face pops before around December of '04 and January of '05. The original plan was HHH/Orton and it was only when Orton's babyface run completely failed that they decided to push Batista in his place. And after only about a month of opposing HHH, he was already getting very good reactions. They then took it all and booked an almost perfect break up angle between Batista and HHH/Flair. The same could happen with Reigns if they had him oppose The Authority (for whatever reason) and then had him eventually physically assault HHH (say HHH orders Reigns to decimate Daniel Bryan or whoever, and Reigns refuses. That could cause tension between the two, and they could build onto it from there.)

    I'm personally not in favor of it but I'm not completely against it either. I agree that keeping him as part of the Shield breakup is best and would feel more natural.
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  5. I doubt this will happen. For this to be major card in Wrestlemania they would've already started pushing that feud. As of right now a Reigns/ Ambrose fight seems to make the most sense. I'm not sure how they'll throw Seth into the mix but its bound to happen.
  6. HHH vs Reigns would be epic. I enjoyed it when they had that epic stare down on Smackdown
  7. I'd be way more interested in the Shield break-up, resulting in a triple threat match. Also, Daniel Bryan vs HHH.
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  8. Wowzers, idk about this.. I think they should go with the Triple Threat Shield match for the US Title at WM, honestly I can see it getting a bigger draw.
    NOW that being said, I am not opposed to this match I just think they should start that build up immediately if they want it to get actually get the buzz they seek.
  9. In 30 minutes we may get an answer... if he confronts HHH again tonight there could be some validity to this.... tune in lol
  10. Oh you know it, I'll definitely be on the LD for awhile tonight!.. RAW LDs are awesome lol wish Smackdown LDs would get similar results but hey with them being taped I guess you can't really fight that.
  11. I'd think Ambrose could cost Roman the victory (if this would happen), leading to a Reigns v. Ambrose feud. Tbh the idea of Reigns v. Ambrose at Extreme Rules sounds nice. Didn't Dean have experience from hardcore matches? Reigns just beating the fuck outta Ambrose, blood errrrrywere and Roman fucking Reigns as the winner.
  12. I think the bigger news here is that, despite a lot of people suggesting that WWE doesn't care about anybody's opinions but their own, it would appear that Daniel Bryan's fans have made enough noise to get Bryan inserted into the title match. And I don't know, @KLockard23, they may very well have Bryan win the title either at EC or Mania in a way to set up a Bryan/Batista match at Extreme Rules, which Bryan will no doubt win since Batista's leaving this summer.

  13. Batista is on a 2 year full time contract... unless he gets injured he is not going anywhere anytime soon.
  14. Ohhhh, I would like to see that match up. Maybe not at Wrestlemania, but when else does HHH wrestle anymore really?
  15. He will be taking a few days off to promote GOTG and will reprise his role in the recently announced sequel but filming on that won't start until close to the end of his contract.
  16. GOTG2 is still a rumor, but yea most likely it will get a sequel.

    I'm a little pissed they still haven't publicly released the Trailer yet and have only done so online.. considering the movie comes out in less than 5 months.. Supposedly the official trailer will be released in theaters VERY VERY soon according to Variety.
  17. Do you think Roman Reigns will go his whole career in the WWE with that long hair or do you see a shorter haircut coming in his future at some point?
  18. For some reason I can't see him being as intimidating without the long hair.... it would be strange I guess.
  19. He most definitely should keep the long hair for the time being. His attractiveness is part of his appeal and he no doubt looks better with his hair long. Anything but that hair he had in his mugshot, really.
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