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  1. The build up to this match should definitely be interesting to say the least. Somewhere down the line I can see The Usos eating an F5 or two during one of their matches. I can also see them going the Shawn Michaels route with The Rock, you know, with him doing an appearance saying that he'll be in Roman's corner at WrestleMania and then a week later, gets injured somehow by Lesnar, causing him to not be able to be at the show. I personally don't expect him to be able to make the show anyway because of his movie schedule and whatever, so I guess it's logical to do this to build up to the match
  2. Oh yeah, the build-up to their match should be interesting. I mean, let's just hope Lesnar appears more frequently, rather than sticking to his 'EAT. SLEEP. DISAPPEAR. REPEAT.' mantra.

    What you just mentioned up above is a good way to go, make it personal.
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  3. The crowd will only cheer Lesnar more. He's well past being booed, even if they wanted to try and go back to that. His attacks are going to pop the crowd if they go that way. I think turning Roman heel is a good way to go. Go with the grain.
  4. That would be awesome. Heyman commenting as Lesnar destroys the Usos, and then has an epic face-off with The Rock. Reigns feel responsible for not being able to save them, so he cuts passionate promos about how he needs the fans' support more than ever, and together, Lesnar will fall. Reigns could then team up with Bryan on RAW, and after Bryan puts up a good fight against Lesnar, have THE BEAST go out to put Bryan through a table, but Reigns interferes and he could get a few more cheers.

    I don't think anyone will cheer Lesnar if he tries to beat up The Rock.
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  5. Well, the Philly crowd did a helluva job at slowly turning Reigns heel. I just hope he doesn't get that same treatment from the rest of the WWE audience. He doesn't deserve that.
  6. That would be awesome to see that
  7. Lesnar could go Beast Mode on The Rock, Reigns and Bryan at the same time, he'd still get cheered, imo.
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  8. Urrgh. I guess it could work? I don't really want this match to be about Reigns avenging his family, seems kinda cheesy.
  9. Brock destroying The Usos is fine since they're already apart of the main roster. I don't know about the injuring The Rock, though. It makes sense, but I don't really think they should involve him in any angles for Wrestlemania unless he's actually wrestling.

    Hopefully you don't think any of this will get Lesnar booed, though? I mean, he ended the Undertaker's streak and yet here we are one year later and he's one of the most over guys on the roster. If that isn't enough to earn him jeers and boos from the audience, then I don't know what will aside from maybe feuding with Daniel Bryan (hey, now THERE'S something that would have made a great Wrestlemania match and been a great way to actually get people to hate Brock... oh wait...)
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  10. Roman Reigns is a boring human being.
    That being the case, this could be maneuvered into reversal of the Angle/Lesnar feud from WM 19.
    Pitting two great athletes against each other in one-upsmanship.
    Lesnar is more comfortable in his skin and and can toe the line of being a tweener the way Angle did in 2003. The fact Angle was on his way out in 2003, drew sympy from the viewing audience.
    I don't see Reigns being terribly different than Brock Lesnar from 2003 in terms of his personality, but I doubt WWE will go this route.
  11. Well, if that Raw interview is any indication, it should be great. I'd have Lesnar beat the Usos up, that'd be fine. Maybe some other samoan as well, not sure on Rock, though.
  12. I agree. I think that the Rock showing up and the mention of the Anoa'i family by Heyman was enough.

    Fans should get behind Roman Reigns based off his own talents, not because he is seen as an avenger of his family. Reigns going after Lesnar with Lesnar being seen as an unbeatable monster, so Reigns can win the WWE title is a better story.
  13. To understand what I'm about to say, you need to be familiar with American football, which I'm sure most here are. Okay so the New England Patriots caught a lot of flack heading into Super Bowl 49. "Deflate-gate" was the chatter all the way up to kick-off. Legends such as Joe Montana and Troy Aikman made unflattering comments toward Tom Brady. If WWE is smart, they will create a "Roman against the world" mentality like the Patriots had to adopt. There are some who say the Patriots were fired up for their game, that they had a chip on their shoulder, because of all the naysayers heading into their title game. Why not do the same with Roman? Roman the character should feed off the doubts and dominate at WrestleMania. Legends like Mick Foley could question Roman's toughness. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels could question his wrestling ability. Even Hulk Hogan could say, "I have worked with the Rock. I know the Rock. The Rock is my friend. You are no Rock." and then JBL from the announce booth could say Roman can't win without the Shield. Then, at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns goes berserk and even freaks out Brock Lesnar himself. He feeds off the doubts and the boos. He steamrolls over the Beast. Cena did it for Brock, Brock can do it for Reigns. It's all about giving back. If WWE piles on Roman the way the media piled on the Patriots, it could set Roman up for a career-altering victory at WrestleMania. What are your thoughts? Does anyone think the "pile on Roman" approach could work? I am not saying to book Roman Reigns like Daniel Bryan. He wouldn't be so much of an underdog as he would a bear who has been poked too many times. In my opinion, not an awful idea really. Lesnar could easily play the face if need be.
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  14. The way they've structured the increasing tension between Bryan & Roman is so well executed that it doesn't matter if fans boo or cheer either. They're two incredibly over wrestlers who just want to kick the shit out of each other. Love Roman or hate him, I wanna see him level Bryan with another Misawa elbow to the fucking mouth. I wanna see Bryan kick Roman in the face.

    Let's get it on! Shit is on like a pot of neckbones SUCKAAAAAA
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  15. My issue with your idea is that Roman Reigns is not the New England Patriots.
    The Patriots were 3x champions and had pretty much been a dynasty the past 15 years (give or take).
    As it is, Roman Reigns' wrestling ability is below average, he isn't the Rock and may lack toughness.
    Consequently, Reigns cannot defend himself from all of that. How will he deflect those detractors the way John Cena did in 2006?
    Reigns is fighting an uphill battle already. The last thing WWE wants to do is pile it on further when it isn't necessary.
    By WM 22, Cena had already been a long term champion, starred in a movie, had been insanely over, had quality character and could deflect his naysayers with mic work.

    If enough legends pile it on, who's to say Reigns will recover? Bryan fan, Lesnar fan and smarks are already chomping at the bit to see him fail. It's too early to pile on your 10 year meal ticket.
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  17. What qualifies as below average wrestling ability? I see this comment a lot directed at wrestlers who use a brawling style in the ring.
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  18. You know what below average wrestling ability is. Having to explain it is like talking to a wall.
    At this point, Reigns is simply taking direction and following a format.
    There is no flow at all as he hasn't yet worked with enough of the talent to develop a rapport.
    Nothing 'clicks' in Roman Reigns just yet. He is learning to wrestle a particular style. He may not be a natural babyface, so it may just come together in time.
    Brawling is easy, but it is an art. Art is a canvas, but Reigns isn't an artist yet. He is absorbing knowledge and learning on the fly in front of huge arenas.

    It's like buying a pair of new shoes and walking in them. You can walk perfectly fine, but the new pair you just bought need wearing in.
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  19. Oh I know what good or bad wrestling ability is, that wasn't my question. Roman can work. He's far from below average. I'm just curious at this point where you perceive the average to be that you're grading Roman against. Who's the average wrestler that he's below? Erick Rowan? Great Khali?

    Not everyone can be a Daniel Bryan, and not everyone needs to be. John Cena had the same level of experience before Mania 21. This shit with Roman is far from the dire situation you're painting for us.
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