Summerslam Reigns vs Rusev

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  1. Pretty much confirmed on Raw that Reigns vs Rusev is the direction they are going. How do u feel about this? Do you think Reigns will have a US title run? Or will he remain in the doghouse and Rusev will retain? I think they will have good chemistry together, and Rusev is one of the few people who is a good enough heel to get the crowd behind Roman for once.
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  2. Reigns vs Rusev? Now, I can dig that, sucka!

    Reigns having a US title run wouldn't be bad for him, him swimming in the midcard for a while would be a nice way of rebuilding him.

    Also, KO to dethrone Reigns eventually, let's go. I'd love it if either Cesaro or Zayn were the next in line to win the US title, too.
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  3. Kind of odd how reports say he's in the dog house yet the man is getting another championship opportunity. I don't see him winning the US championship because Roman in the midcard just doesn't make sense at this point. However, he would bring a sense of legitmacy to the belt that has been absent since Cena dropped it. I'm not against a Reigns US title run if it means he'll put over someone like a Cesaro, Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens in the end. Honestly I'll be happy with whoever walks out US champion.
  4. I would honestly rather see RuRu beat Reigns in a US Title match on Raw the Monday before Smackdown and have an opponent like Zayn or Cesaro or somebody at SummerSlam.

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