Battleground Reigns/Wyatt - Battleground 2015

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  1. Who's winning this one you think?
    I got Wyatt taking this with Reigns redeeming himself at Summerslam.
    Though I'd probably prefer if Reigns won just to end this feud already, Wyatt isn't fun any more...
  2. Oh, man... If Wyatt doesn't win that match at Battleground, he's officially a go-nowhere superstar (like R-Truth).

    I mean, I can see Wyatt winning the match, with the help of Harper and Rowan, though and thus reuniting the family.
    No more lame ass endings like when he was facing Ambrose last year, please.

    But, if they want Reigns vs Lesnar as their SS main event (that's if Lesnar defeats Rollins and the match doesn't end in their usual 'LOL. Let's have a DQ finish.') way, then Wyatt's gonna be Roman's bitch at Battleground. Not that I mind it or anything.
  3. Roman will one this one for sure. I don't doubt it at all.
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  4. Hopefully this is just a one off match and Roman walks out with the win. I have no interest in any program featuring Bray at the time.
  5. The storyline all points to Reigns winning, but my gut tells me that Wyatt is walking out of this victorious somehow.

    If the rumors of Reigns winning the title at Summerslam are true (be it from Brock Lesnar one-on-one, or from Seth Rollins in a triple-threat match between Rollins, Reigns, and Lesnar), then you could still justify putting Wyatt over because it could logically set up a one or two-month program over the championship between the two for later on down the road, either at the end of the year or at the very beginning of next year (depending on how long Reigns keeps the title.) Reigns could get his revenge and his win back over Wyatt then when there's more at stake.
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  6. I think Wyatt will take this. WWE knows they have done the "random challenge, then loses" thing too much with Bray. He will probably win it, then get a rematch.

    I would rather WWE did something to protect them both, ending the feud with a wyatt win and then putting them both on a match alongside lots of other guys and have reigns win it. They do this *really* often. The <lose-end feud- win multi-man match/something bigger> formulae is really popular with the creative staff. Also add some stipulation to make the match mean something(number one contendership?)
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  7. I'd mark my dick off if Taker came out to play mind games with Wyatt and cost him the match, that is the only way I can see Wyatt losing clean while being protected. If there is no interference he is going to be absolutely dominated, and will kill what little Wyatt has left away. They REALLY need to cut this Le Random Bray Wyatt shit and find a way to build a better feud. Next he will be facing DZ because he's "livin a lie, man!"
  8. What could be more random than the Undertaker (who already defeated Wyatt at Wrestlemania and has nothing left to prove against him, especially with Bray himself dropping the issue afterwards) coming back and costing Wyatt a match? Unless Taker is willing to let Bray go over him in a rematch at Summerslam (which I see no chance of happening), then what's the point?
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  9. Wyatt is cute. I'd like to see more of what they'd like to do with him.
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  10. I think the Bray Wyatt will win this match , but Roman will win the Rematch at Summerslam
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  11. All of this is dependent on what they plan on doing with bray later on. If he's actually going to be fighting roman for the belt later, then let bray have to cheat to beat him now. But, if they're doing the normal bury Wyatt routine, then fuck it and let reigns kick the shit out of him.

    I was just at an in house show and roman won with a spear
  12. I think Regins should win because he was already being down rating when he was trying for wwe world heavyweight belt, so i think now he should do something interesting to increase his fan followers.
  13. Reigns needs to win and Bray needs to go away for awhile until they figure out the direction the character is going to be going. He is useless at this point.
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  14. I hope Roman Reigns wins and end this feud early. It's boring already.
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  15. Wyatt's been repetitive, but I have to say this feud's been good for Reigns' development. I really hope Wyatt wins and they have a rematch and Reigns goes over. Give Wyatt the win here, it's best for business.
  16. Possible Spoiler On Sting's Return Storyline And A Match At WWE Battleground Tonight


    Not a huge fan of this idea, but if it does happen and it ends up being entertaining, then what the hell.
  17. So will Wyatt beat Taker at SS? Or will Reigns, Wyatt and Taker have a triple threat? Sting and Reigns would be awful IMO I feel that's a smokescreen article.
  18. The word on the street is Sting vs Taker might be happening at SS, because Vince doesn't seem to be high on that match happening at Mania next year.

    We'll know for sure after tonight, though.
  19. Why wouldn't they have Sting vs. Taker in Texas next year? Sounds perfect to me. . .
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  20. It does sound perfect, it would be both Taker and Sting's retirement match. But, who knows what'll happen, this is WWE after all.
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