Discussion in 'RAW' started by Billc, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. It seems for some reason a lot of people don't like Roman Reigns. What did he do or not do to deserve this?
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  2. He was pushed too hard too soon.
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    Bingo...we have a winner...

    Plus he's cut some truly awful promos that
    most of fans seem to have forgotten about...

    I haven't...and I never will...

    Jack & the Beanstalk...
    Sufferin Succotash...
    Dried up Prunes...
    Tater Tots...

    On the positive side...I respect Reigns as
    a performer and he is capable of putting
    on a solid match depending on who his
    opponent is.

    I just stopped watching him because I find
    him boring, predictable and over-pushed.

    Here is an interesting piece on the subject...

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  4. I have nothing against Reigns, at WM he showed that he could tell an awesome story with a match. He carried (literally and otherwise) the undertaker through the entire match and he definitely won my respect.

    That said, his booking is cringeworthy and unwatchable. Extremely repetitive too.
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  5. People only hate on Reigns cuz they are sheep. They like to follow what others do to feel like they fit in and are apart of some movement.
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    While this might actually be true for some or even most of the people, it's as unfair to characterize everyone that dislikes Reigns as "sheep" as it would be if I claimed that the only reason you like him is because others dislike him and you feel a psychological need to be contrarian to that group. I could then defend that opinion based off the characteristics of your posts about Roman which reveal basic psychological traits of the contrarian, all evident in your posts. However, I don't personally know you more than interacting with you online. For the most part I actually like you quite a bit, in spite of the Roman obsession. So, even though my assessment (and if you want, I can go over an in depth diagnosis) would be scientifically sound, it would be unfair of me to state that this is your reason for liking Roman Reigns because YOU are the only person who can make that distinction, just like those of us who don't like him are the only ones who can decide for ourselves why we don't. Sweeping generalizations are almost always wrong.

    This point has been made over and over and over and over and over and over but certain people keep ignoring it. A lot of the hate towards Reigns has nothing to do with him and everything to do with him being pushed before many fans think he is ready. Regardless, though, it's blatantly rude to discount the opinions of other people by referring to them as "sheep" simply because they dislike one of your favorite wrestlers. I personally find it very offensive. I have several times said exactly why I dislike him: the dumb vest, the overuse of the Superman punch, cocking his fist and roaring before the he spears.

    So please don't group EVERYONE into the same group because I personally do not make my decisions off who or what I like due to other people's opinions. Hell, if I did, Jeff Jarrett wouldn't be my second favorite wrestler of all time because it seems that even Roman Reigns is more popular than he is.
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  7. And this is the pure truth, plain and simple.
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  8. He has no control of his character... that is a big part... oh welcome to the wreslting community by the way!
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  9. he had a really bad start into the main event scene and people are still bitter about it.
    You see, people were really behind Reigns at first, after the shield broke up he probably got the best reactions on the whole roster but then they kinda turned on him when he won the Rumble instead of Daniel Bryan, which was the right call by the E in hindsight because Bryan's head was really injury prone as shown after Mania when he was forced to leave again. The other instances are just dumb little slip ups by WWE themselves which they've always had on other people too. And none of it is particularly Reigns' fault but I guess bad timing cost him.
    I just find it a bit pathetic how people praise someone like the Undertaker to death, even though Taker was no different to Reigns at all. People don't want to accept this but the Undertaker is really bad on the stick and that's why he had the character he had, simply so he wouldn't have to talk as much. If you look back on old internet posts from during that time, you'll surprisingly see a lot of people hating on the Undertaker for (back then) sloppy in-ring work and bad mic skills. That's why I think WWE doesn't bother with the internet anymore because #1 they know their business better than anyone else, #2 they know what Reigns is capable of and #3 one day people will respect him one way or another, just like they did with the Undertaker and the man himself John Cena.

    I'll end it on this: uneducated 12 year olds will tell you that he sucks in the ring and on the mic and that they should push some vanilla midget to the top simply because "all the other people said he was great in the indies" and educated people will tell you that they picked the right guy, they just had bad luck because people wanted Bryan to win that 1 rumble.
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  10. Is it possible for someone other than an uneducated 12 year old to
    respect Reigns as a performer and understand that the booking and
    writing caused most of his problems...
    to not like him and choose not to watch him?

    Or should everyone stop booing and cheer Roman...just the WWE
    wants us to do?

    I mean I can understand why some fans like Roman...I just don't...
  11. never told anyone what to do or say, just mentioned the reasoning to why it is how it is
  12. 845ad58d91b2a929f36ef1bcff7513a987eddd1ad876cc4995c59fb995b26359.jpg

    U should know by now u can't ever take everything I say on here in literal terms.

    But when it comes to me being a die hard Roman Reigns fan now, it's simple, all u gotta do is look at his matches for the past. He's always the highlight of the show. Summerslam is coming up, and I guarantee the Fatal 4 Way is gonna steal the show. Reigns is the supreme main event, we haven't seen a wrestler be able to pull of consistent great main events like Reigns since Stone Cold in my opinion.
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  13. There are a few reasons really...

    There is a leaching system in the WWE like many other businesses where it pays to be related to the right people. Roman Reigns being related to the Rock, the Usos, ect. helped him get his foot in the door A LOT faster than someone who knew no one or was related to no one who was previously in the WWE. Some fans find this utter BS because they can see how unfair it is to other wrestlers and they also see the differences in terms of treatment being upheld based on relation.

    Another reason, as Botchie said, was down to him being pushed to hard to fast. The push he got was partially to do with his relations, I am sure, BUT it was also thanks to the fans. What fans? These fans: Favorite member of the Shield When you look back in 2013, he was the favorite in The Shield and that is only ONE thread for example where Reigns was shown to be most liked. There are plenty others where people basically jiggle in his lap.

    And lastly, we all have someone we like to boo and for some people, that is Roman Reigns.
  14. see, I think that speaks for itself. He just was the most popular and therefor they went with it. Logical thinking.
    You mentioned that it's because he's related to other wrestlers even though there have been dozens of related wrestlers that got nowhere. Ffs, Roman's own brother didn't get special treatment even though they have the exact same family. People like Natalya, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt didn't get the main guy spot even though they have the lineage. I'm not gonna say that it doesn't help you, because it does. But it's a really small part of being successful in the business. So small that I find it funny that some people (not looking at you) see it as a main reason to hate on him. It's not like he didn't have to go through physicals and everything they ask of any other guy that walks into the PC nowadays. Anyways, I didn't want this to be as long as it is. sry
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  15. I think that while he was liked in the Shield, without it, he lost a lot about his character that worked. Now he looks like a guy who is trying to leech on the Shield. He has the "Believe that" catchphrase, instead of being a Hound of Justice he is the Big Dog, same theme, and attire, etc. Plus, Seth and Dean did stuff different with their gimmicks and presentation to build themselves on their own. The Authorities' poster-boy with Seth and the Lunatic Fringe with Dean. Not to mention Seth and Dean waited a bit before they were thrust to the main event and had a lot of time to develop. Dean was an IC Champ before winning the WWE title, Seth was Mr. MITB for a long while and was a center-piece of Raw and used the time to prove himself as a major part of the show, Roman didn't do those things and he even missed like four months due to injury. And, they didn't change plans with his injury and this was around the time Daniel Bryan came back and the fans, who wanted him in the Rumble last year and were sad over him not being able to see his title reign through, wanted to see him rise again in a literal Dream Match at Mania between him and Brock Lesnar of Beast vs Underdog (or Goat). All this spelled disaster for Roman at the Royal Rumble and we've been salty ever since.
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  16. I actually forgot about the Rumble thing. I honestly never been a fan of his. I never hated him but I never liked him either. I always liked Seth. Back then everyone was about Roman until they seen Roman getting better treatment then the smaller guys.
  17. If Roman Reigns would of won the Royal Rumble in 2014 instead of 2015 by eliminating Batista, then people would be humming a much different tune today.
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  18. That doesn't answer my question...

  19. I don't like the Miz. #IgnoreMiz

    Most people don't like that I don't like him. I get what you mean. You are not saying he is "bad", just that you don't like him. Yeah?
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  20. I was moreso responding to that:
    but let's be real for a second here. "to not like him and choose not to watch him?" Every person watching WWE is watching Roman Reigns. You cannot not watch him, you know? If so you'd have to sleep on the entire main event of Summerslam this year. And practically every main feud on Raw all the time.
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