Forum Game Rejected Spice Girl Names: The rise of the Drama.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Bay-Bay, Sep 1, 2017.

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    Well, I did mine.... I think I'll go with my first name. I'll go with the more appropriate name. Lol
    Suger Lips Spice. *Glances around the Room awkwardly* Hmmm...
  2. Pretty woman spice..




    I'm a... prostitute? No wonder I got rejected.
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  3. Yeah I tried my First name.... Aint't gonna happen. Im NOT putting that name on here. No way, No How, No siree! :emoji_grin:
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  4. I'm like pretty sure there's only a few of them
  5. U dnt wanna know what my First name came up as. I went with Nicole and Thats what I posted. Lol
  6. Macho macho spice!

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  7. Joey got the same one...
    So did Twiggy....
  8. I also got Pretty Woman Spice.

    It's clear why we got rejected, we're unoriginal and steal each other's ideas.
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  9. plot twist, I'm Twiggy. Why does Joey get more attention than me!?
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  10. First I catch you playing Rocket League against me under FatMooCow24 and now this!?
    I knew you were bipolar Twig, but I had no idea how real this problem was.
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  11. .....Think I might have been drunk during the rocket league part. Did I win?
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  12. Dammit Twiggy! You haven't been going to your AA meeting have you?
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  13. I got purple haze
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  14. So THATS where my Dad's been lately! :
    I've been wondering this whole time what happened to him.