Releases expected soon, says the super credible dirtsheet

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    So, if this loldirtsheet is true (which it probably isn't), who do you see being released? For me, with the reports on Dibiase wanting out to do movies I could see him as one of the potential releases.
  2. Bye bye Ezekiel Jackson.
  3. I can see Natalya leaving soon.

    She hardly wrestles anymore and she has been reduced to a crappy story line.
    Plus, she spoke of retiring not too long ago, a little before Beth left, I believe.
  4. She wrestles all the time.
  5. On Smackdown? I don't watch it.. :dawg:
    So ignoring that statement... She did speak about retiring soon.
  6. She's on Smackdown, Superstars and NXT regularly plus on the house show circuit.
  7. Natalya doesn't get half of what she deserves in the WWE, she is the best woman wrestler, I don't blame her for thinking about leaving WWE...
  8. Yeah she is one of the best female wrestlers they ever had but sadly, they don't take the female wrestlers serious anymore.
  9. Well, they've been saying there will be releases for quite a while now, but one way or another, I do expect them to take place sooner or later.
  10. Also remembered something about Alberto leaving and he never left. #rumors
  11. Big Zeke
  12. Trent Baretta has already been confirmed by himself on twitter....
  13. Where? I went through his twitter and didn't find anything confirming him leaving.
  14. Tensai's probably gone
  15. WZ are still classed as a dirt sheet?
  16. According to this he is:

    RIP in peace if he is
  17. only the bestest around
  18. Trent Barreta ?@trentylocks
    So fired right now. Just wanna say thanks to everyone. WWE, all the good brothers, and fans. Thanks.
  19. He used to date AJ:woo1:
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