Religion Religion, the #1 killer in the world, claims 5 more victims

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    Brilliant reason to kill one another :facepalm1:
  2. You should really go into politics dude. Such a good way to get involving titles and promote your agenda(s). :obama:
  3. The best religion is no religion, that would stop a lot of wars...
  4. I would rather just tell jokes and make fun of politics
  5. Religion isn't the problem a lack of education and morality is. Religion doesn't force these groups into fighting even if it's used as a veil. If it wasn't over religion it could have been over skin tone,sexual orientation or whatever meaningless asset. Religion isn't the problem a person's poor interpretation is.
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  6. I see the same argument made by people who say guns aren't the problem in America. Oh, take away the guns and they'll just use knives or clubs!

    The fact is religion is the weapon people use to perpetrate the most violence all across the globe, and it has been like that for as long as long back as the history books go.
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  7. Religious extremists don't equal religion. Religion saves people's lives as well. I agree with seabs on this one, and I don't think it can be compared to the gun debate. There are no positives to guns, but if the education is done properly, there are good things about religion. Religious extremism is just common in the middle east especially, and that's more cultural issues than religious issues imo.
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  8. The only way you can take away all the guns is by raiding houses, most of the guns you would want taken away aren't registered.:pity: But we could disagree on this all day.

    Religion is a great concept (bringing people together) used mostly as a cultish ruling to opress people who aren't believers or are different racially, physically, or a number of other things. Look at the mormon church belief that black people bear the mark of Cane up until what, 1958?
  9. Guns are the last line of defense against oppression, the ability to arm and defend yourself is positive, in my book. Ill leave the thread now.
  10. It's a valid argument though, thousand use guns safely in the same way millions will follow religion without issue. I can't justify taking the stance of we'll remove this because some can't play nice however I can support educating people to remove the prejudice of "our religion is the only correct one" and other arguments which start the disputes. That's why people fight over religion even if one side doesn't believe in religion, it's a lack of understanding of tolerance.

    Also the knife point is valid, in the UK we have banned ownership of most small firearms as per the legislation passed in 1997 ( Source is wiki but it common knowledge if you wish to check it out ) this coincidently was followed by a rise in knife crime, up to a 30% increase in 2008 ( source ).

    In summary if you take away guns people will use knifes, some due to mental issues and some due to lack of education and if you take away religion people will find a reason to kill each other, no matter what separates us as species it will always cause disputes.
  11. I'm not denying the positives of religion or gun ownership, there are pros to be found in both. I'm saying when the negatives are so extreme I can't really just turn a blind eye to either without being critical.
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  12. How is this relevant to what I said lol. I didn't even mention my stance on gun laws in my post nor do I think it would be easy to take away Americans' guns.
  13. I think we'll all agree on this, guess we're just pitching different solutions to the same issue.
  14. haha it's not at all relevant to this subject.
  15. Don't start, lol.
  16. Nah what he said was true. It seems asinine in 2013 but it at least gives citizens a right to rebel if the government oversteps its bounds, which it is known to do.
  17. I meant don't start with another gun-related debate. I'm sure we've played that record 500 times here lol.
  19. [​IMG]
    Victory vs Shame. Not sure how this ends.
  20. Religion is a weapon, you can use that weapon for good or evil. When Islam was spreading in Africa, a lot of Africans were slaves. And they used religion to free themselves. Religion is a powerful weapon. You can be completely different from each other but if you have the same faith you can still connect to each other. But religion isn't the problem, it's the world. When people kill each other over indifference they're doing it because of hate, not religion.
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