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  1. This thread will probably get closed if a flame war begins, but what are your religious views?

    I don't believe in any religion and don't plan on converting to any. Seems useless, restrictions, too much hassle and makes no sense.
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  2. Most conflicts in the world are caused by religion, or their reasoning is because of "god".

    I find it impossible to believe in things where there's no proof of any existence.
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  3. Nope religion is the excuse not the cause if religion isn't used it's race or simply we want your land. People are very territorial.

    How are you defining proof also?
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  4. As for the original post if it makes people happy let them be. If religion makes you enjoy your life so be it I'm far from religious but why should I care what other people believe.
  5. I do not believe in any kind of god, I just don't see how it is possible, if ever there was proof (Something I could witness or very clear and obvious real photo/video) that would change but in this messed up world, I just don't believe.
  6. The annoying thing is people define religion pretty much as a strict group of laws on how you lived your life based on a being people see as theoretical and fiction. Religion is different for everyone and does a lot of unseen good. Religion for someone can simply mean having faith in something that helps you grieve or deal with the inevitable outcome of death. Religion for someone can mean light at the end of a very dark tunnel. The bible may be seen as fiction by people like Jonathan, but the bible contains a LOT of life lessons that this world so desperately needs. Something as simple as "love thy neighbour" would drastically reduce a lot of horrible crap if it was something that everyone lived by.

    It's incredibly naive, ignorant, and arrogant to label religion as an igniter of war, instead of what it is actually intended to be. There are extremists in all subjects, it just so happens that the extremists in religion attract the most spotlight. I've personally experienced events that I have seen as supernatural and unexplainable, but it doesn't necessarily mean I believe in "God". I bet many of you who aren't religious believe in aliens, but have you ever seen an alien? Have you ever seen definitive proof that aliens exist? Nope. You believe on them because of the likelihood due to the vast amount of unexplored galaxies, solar systems, and planets out there in what seems to be an infinite amount of space in the universe. Ask yourself: what's the likelihood that the scientific explanations are 100% correct that we're simply here by accident and have evolved into what we are? I believe in evolution, but I'm also open to other supernatural ideas like being born again.

    It's quite funny this thread appears a day before Christmas. A time of the year enjoyed by most which helps brings families together, when Christmas is born from religion.
  7. Do you believe in the big bang theory? You can't see any video or pictures and there certainly are no witnesses.
  8. I have no real belief, my opinion is we are here and we don't know how. God could be real, Big Bang Theory could be real. The only difference is science can sort of prove the big bang theory but who knows, certain things I believe from word of mouth but things like God I need proof.
  9. I certainly don't believe in any 'higher power' nor do I think I need a set of morals or guidelines to know how to live my life like a decent human being. For me, I have no use for religion but it does a lot of people good so it is a useful tool. Then again a lot of people who are deeply religious are just tools period, but what can you do.
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  10. lol stop playing devils advocate like a fag when you aren't even sharing any thoughts of your own
  12. I can post two quotes too!
  13. No idea how he's playing devils advocate. Posts like yours are what normally fuels the fire that comes in threads like this. Healthy mature debating is fine.
  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm the bad guy, of course. fuck you pal and fuck jesus and anyone who fuckign thinks he's real

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  15. Well, that was evil.

  16. I believe in Jesus, so screw you Dolph's. Have no issue with Jonathan or anyone who doesn't believe or any gay people reading this or anything. Just know that Christianity has run through my family and done a lot of amazing things for it, so it's hard not to believe.

    There's nothing wrong with having a religion, there's something wrong with being an asshole about it. Same goes with not having one.
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  17. Raised catholic, went to catholic school, and went to church regularly for a long time. I take from it what I want and don't follow the "rules" to a T. Its great for structure, especially in a child's life. Once they're grown, they can decide for themselves whether to continue believing it or not. I agree it's hard to believe, in these times where you can find out information instantly, to believe there's something out there does seem like a stretch. However, you can't say it doesn't make your brain hurt to try and think a. Where did everything start, was there nothing at one point? Or b. If god created everything, who created god? I don't think our little brains are capable of truly understanding how everything works or has come to be. As long as religion isn't being used as a platform for killing (which pretty much all of them have at some point) then it's fine.
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  18. Haha, HQ thread FTW!
  19. Don't believe in any god,goddess,or any higher power. I am fine with people believing in any religion, just don't throw it down my throat. Also, love the the most homoish way ever.
  20. You don't have to care. I was tired and needed a good topic.
    Jesus is a friend of mine! Sing it with me!
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