Reliving the Attitude Era - Week One

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. @"Respect Goku6425" came up with the idea of re-watching the Attitude Era, and tomorrow, Saturday 16th February we will begin.
    We will only be watching the RAW episodes, and PPVs (where possible).

    There will be a live discussion thread in one of the forums for you to discuss the episode as it happens.
    The video will be streamed on either my Veetle or uStream channel, we've yet to decide.


    This is basically just a reminder thread as the idea was first brought up about a week or two ago,
    so some may have forgotten, and of course we've gained new members since then.

    The link for the channel will be posted on the live discussion thread roughly one hour before the stream begins,
    which will be 4pm EST, 1pm PST and 9pm UK. For other time zones, do '4pm est in 'X timezone' on Google.

    We will start with RAW 10th November 1997.
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  2. Sounds cool.
    Too bad I'm busy tomorrow.
    Just one episode per week, correct?
  3. Every Saturday at 4pm EST, one episode :obama:
  4. Don't think I'll be here tomorrow :downer:
  5. I'm pumped for this, I've been waiting all week for it
  6. Hope I can make it. Put the discussion thread in the General WWE.
  7. Not going to make it this week. Having a party in my apartment, would be awkward telling everyone to pipe down so I can watch wrasslin
  8. Do it at SummerSlam of 1997! Why the night MS? That not when AE started!? Did not pleay the wwe13 the video game!?
  9. That's why being European sucks. I'm sleeping then :sad:
  10. I'm European? It's only 9pm.
  11. What GMT?
  12. GMT = UK Time
  13. Nah, I mean Romania is in GMT+2, UK is just GMT.

    What GMT is this?

    EDIT: Nevermind, just figured out it will be 11 p.m. in Romania.

    Cool, I can join.
  14. It's on now:

    Stream Link:

    Live Discussion:

  15. This was an overwhelming success and a great idea. Had fun discussing it while I could (was forced to leave to visit my Nan). Looking forward to next week though.
  16. Kudos @"Respect Goku6425"
  17. I'm expecting it to be much better from here on out. Jonathan did all the hard lifting, I just came up with idea. More kudos goes to him.
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