Remember people bashing Punk for ratings?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 16, 2013.

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  1. Well, I was reading something earlier and... well... the last two RAW's have had 2.9 ratings, where is the hate for Cena? I think this has to be proof that it's RAW that isn't drawing, and the product that is stale, rather than the main eventers or champions that aren't drawing. It's uncanny how many people bashed Punk for ratings (not necessarily here) but won't for Cena because he is a proven draw. If anything, Punk matching and bettering Cena's numbers is proof that a guy who looks like that can draw and maintain a main event place.

    I know the majority of you will already know this, but there are still some haters who pursue this "Punk isn't a draw" stuff and use it as if it should result in Punk being depushed (not sure why people care so much about ratings anyway).
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  2. The product is stale but the guys on the show still carry the responsibility for drawing. Didn't HHH/Brock draw big in their segment this past week? Don't they draw big just about every week? I think Cena doesn't get the flack Punk does since as you said, he's a proven draw. Punk did terrible throughout most of the year in 2012 and only starting drawing good/great ratings late in the year (and early 2013) when he was working with proven draws like Vince/Cena/The Rock. Of course, you could also say him actually being treated like a world champion was a reason for this, because Big Show was being booked as a strong champion around this time as well and was doing pretty damn good rating too as I recall. You can't always put it down to just the product being stale, otherwise the numbers would always be the same week to week. (Two Raws doesn't mean much.)

    Judging by the ratings is tricky though (which is why I wouldn't put 100% trust into it) because sometimes it's a weird pattern. Sometimes the ratings are average when leading to an event that ends up doing good/great. Sometimes the opposite. And then there's that odd occurrence when a mid card match or segment, even in a bad time slot, ends up doing good or great. Remember when the Bella Twins outdrew a Rock segment not long ago? Or how the numbers showed that viewership was up for whenever Rock was on the show, yet for a couple of weeks, they were strangely tuning out when Rock came out at the end.
  3. I don't see your point regarding Punk. All you have done is back up what I said that guys like Punk can draw, because even if he did have a "terrible start" as you say (source for that please), he eventually became a draw the longer he had it (we have a thread proving that). Well duh, that's just building him as a top guy. Many people seem to think that guys his size simply can't and won't draw, but he was given a similar push to Cena (long reign, but not as much main event time) and drew as well. Unless you really believe that when he had bad numbers it was all Punk's fault, and when he had good numbers it was all because of the people he was feuding with. If anything, WWE deserves props for sticking with him if he did have a terrible start.

    HHH/Brock is almost always at the top of the 2nd hour or the top of the 3rd hour, segments that historically draw well. Sure, more may tune in that are Brock fans and HHH fans, but I wouldn't call those segments stupidly good numbers would you? What is your point with this as well? These segments are bound to draw good numbers, but why wouldn't they get flack for a show getting a 2.9 rating? The show draws or doesn't draw. The product as a whole.

    A rating is given for the whole show and putting that flack on one single guy isn't something I find logical at all. Sure, the champion pulls the ship, but it is the ship that draws and doesn't draw. If RAW has a bad rating, 90% of the blame has to go to the show, and not the champion.
  4. Where is the hate for Cena? Everywhere you turn.
  5. No one hates on him for ratings.
  6. Everyone here hates him, and i am one of many people who don't watch the product almost at all because of the lack of good matches/storylines. Punk was stale, Cena has been shitty for as long as i can remember. It'd be the same deal for Sheamus or Orton, i doubt many people would care about them drawing because at this point, we all KNOW they cant. There is more expected from the IWC from people like Punk, as he draws like hell when it's going the right direction.
  7. I get everyone hates him, but you're missing the point. No one hates him for not drawing, as he is a proven draw.
  8. I would say the product as a whole has been garbage since RAW afte WM, i would assume most of it would be based on the fact people are being rushed into storylines/moved around to fill time, and i doubt it's the casuals who have stopped watching altogether.

    I agree with what you are saying, just stating why i think the #s are down, and i hope they continue to fall until the horrible product we get shoved down our throats is improved.
  9. 2012 was a great year for Punk, The Chicago street fight was my favorite match of the year.
  10. The show in general is stale, not so much the gimmick, though there are a few I would change... (Kofi, Brodus, ect)
    I think if they did a few heel/face changes, it would refresh the company. Let Cena turn heel already... Imagine how much it would change things if Cena was heel.
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