Remember that guy... with that accent.. and that belt?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Can't think of his name. He had a beard and jobbed a lot and slung a useless piece of tin on his shoulder before a match. Haven't seen him in quite a while.

    No but really, just saw they added Miz/Rhodes to the pre show.. why? If you are going to add a match with no build at all to the pre show why not at least use the IC Champ? When was the last time he was even on TV? And when was the last time he was on TV when it wasn't a pointless squash match, probably on SD?
  2. Genuinely forgot Barrett was IC champion.
  3. Then you are officially qualified to work for WWE Creative.
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  4. The pre-show should honestly not even have the IC champ in my opinion. Here is what I propose:

    Why not actually have a pre-show on the internet to a PPV make a lot more sense by having an actual internet title being defended for every pre-show? I've had this in mind pretty much since WWE introduced us to this pre-show deal. I used to watch a lot of Z!TLIS and having the pre-show being watchable on the internet only had me thinking that this is where Ryder's internet championship would come to good use. The thought behind it would be that every time they do a pre-show and/or a show internet-exclusive, the internet title would be defended. The champ wouldn't necessarily only be featured on the internet, he could be on RAW or SD and wrestle as long as it isn't for the title. I think WWE would only gain from this move as it would bring more attention to their YouTube or website and it would be good because the internet is now what introduces people to stuff on TV.

    I just think it makes sense.
  5. Obviously the IC Champ belongs on the main card, but when WWE neglected to do that, why not at least put him on the pre show?

    As for using the Internet title? Why? They can't even properly book the titles they have, sans the WWE Title. What would the use of another useless title be?
  6. Of course this is all granted everything gets booked smoothly, lol. And yeah, I don't see why the IC Champ wouldn't at least be booked to warm the fans up for the main show itself, I'm not disagreeing. Your post just sparked some thoughts in me, I guess.
  7. Happens all the time. People discussing WWE often will run into disagreement when one person is booking things ideally and the other is thinking of how WWE would actually handle things.

    I agree your idea on the surface is fine. It actually creates a reason and gives meaning to the preshow. The Internet title could be a good lower midcard title and perhaps give people a reason to care about that portion of the card.

    But how WWE would go about it, we both know it wouldn't go down like that. Because as I said, they can't even book a WHC feud properly, what would possess them to do anything right with the Internet title?
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  8. I wouldn't know, to be honest. As you said, I guess I'm a wishful thinker, haha.

    ...I could see it happening granted they care about their lower card, maybe, if I'm going go try to answer your question, lol.
  9. My uncle Jim? Yeah I still remember him :true:
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    Don't know why WWE won't use Wade at all. It seems they always lead him to negativity for some reason when booking him after Nexus :sad:
  10. Even though I like WB, I could accept WWE misusing him. It would hardly be their biggest blunder ever.

    but why give him the IC Title to just turn around and treat him (and thus the title) like shit? Give it to fucking Big E if you like the way Big E's cock tastes. At least then they would make the IC title look good by having it on someone that they want to look good.
  11. Wasn't he the British guy who has rejected Lil' Wayne theme music for some reason?

    For all the people marking at the thought of Ambrose winning the US Title: This thread.
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  12. To be fair, they always book Wade to look like shit. It's not the belt's fault here.
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