Remember That New Stable That Was Brewing?

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  1. Well, it looks as if it may have already been dropped:

    And with it, there goes WWE's chance of actually doing something with all three guys for once. I'm not sure how much in favor I really was of seeing Nation of Domination 2.0 anyway (especially since I don't subscribe to the theory that black wrestlers aren't given the some opportunities as anyone else, but since their intention were to be heels, I guess I'm not really supposed to as seeing their point of view would make them faces), but it could have been interesting if handled right ("if handled right" being the magic key words... we all know how that usually turns out.)
  2. How many angles have either been dropped this year or disappeared without any satisfying conclusion? Bryan joins the Wyatt Family. Cesaro joins forces with Heyman. The entertaining fluke unbeaten streak of Bo Dallas. Even Bryan vs the Authority never meant to end the way it did. Surely I'm forgetting a few. And now this. It really feels like WWE is conditioning us to not get into their angles.

    At least they're going all the way with Stephanie vs Brie, right?
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  3. Well, if they really did drop it (I don't really buy reports but Big E did do a job on SD the other day), man. Just when I got excited about an interesting angle that was going to make some good but irrelevant guys relevant and entertaining, that would suck. Hopefully they just forgot about it, made E job and will pick it back up when they remember. :russo:
  4. It's like creative just can't even be bothered to do decent storylines, feuds or builds.
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  5. One of these days we all just need to jump on Skype one Monday night and watch some G1 Climax matches.
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  6. They didn't even attempt to make two ends meet.
    Meanwhile, the Fandango/Layla/Summer Rae saga will move forward.
    It isn't dead yet, they haven't invited Adam Rose or Mark Henry to dance with the girls yet.
    It must happen, because they simply cannot stop beating that horse until its dead for sure
  7. I second this. Let's set up weekly watching days or something. We sit down and watch a show together.
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  8. How's tomorrow night sound? Not like there's any other good wrestling shows going on then.
  9. where the three most over things are New Japan Pro, fantasy football, and dat @$$.
  10. No surprise WWE starting a storyline then blowing it off and expecting us not to notice. Like the Rhodes-Scholars split that time that didn't happen!
  11. I prefer old Japan. :happy:
  12. Kofi isnt a heel, anyway.
    The angle was probably to risque so the Empire folded just like the pu**lies they are.
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