Remember when all the CM Punk signs were supposedly taken away?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nero_x3, Feb 4, 2014.

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  1. I do too, except this one made it on RAW, and I found it goddamn hilarious.


    inb4 complaints that this doesn't need it's own thread, no idea where else to post it.
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  2. That's pretty funny right there.

  3. Yeah there's rumours they took signs and kicked out fans on Monday.
  4. Im glad that fan got that sign on camera fuck you WWE
  5. Also a little update on the situation, just wait for Smackdown, apparently one fan got his "Phil Brooks" sign in, and it might be on camera. Not sure where he was as Smackdown is taped, but keep an eye out for it.
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  6. Geesh, WWE is mad at CM Punk so you can't even bring signs in...hahah..pathetic WWE...regardless of anything, CM Punk was one of their top guys and people loved him...but they can't bring in signs of him? stupid...what happened to the Universe supporting any superstar, whether current or former, that they choose to support? I can see Vince backstage, "Damnit!!! anyone who bring a Punk sign into MY arena will be thrown out or asked to take the sign away!!!" what bs.
  7. Lol at the sign. Lol more at WWE taking away CM Punk signs. Not like I care either way.
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  8. Wonder if they strip you if you're wearing his merch?
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  9. I still have no idea why WWE would confiscate them. It's negative PR and punishing fans for loving one of your superstars is outrageous. Do they really think the audience at home are like "Wait, that's a CM PUnk sign, but he's not been on recently, WHAT'S GOING ON I'M GOING TO RESEARCH THIS AND GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT!!!", and then realise what a shitty company WWE is?
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  10. There hasn't been any Umaga signs?!? I must research it and get to the bottom line of this!
  11. That fan is awesome lol.

    We will not be silenced! Even though i don't have anything to say about Punk's departure...
  12. According to reports his sign was confiscated less than 5 minutes after that because they spotted it on a monitor backstage lol.... At least he got it past the initial check.
  13. He still got it on TV yay. Can't wait for the Phil Brooks one on Smackdown.
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  15. I wouldn't doubt if it did get on camera that it would most likely be blurred out... they will also doctor the audio to remove the CM Punk chants that took place during a few of the matches and replace it with generic crowd noise. Don't you love WWE? lol
  16. I was being sarcastic, I dont give a shit about a Punk sign and Im not sure why anyone would "keep an eye out" to see Punk's real name in the crowd lol.

  17. But CM Punk is God..... Isn't he?!
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Confiscating signs makes it appear more likely that the whole thing is a work. With their social media presence, they know that a confiscated sign is going to get tweeted, re-tweeted, shared on Facebook, talked about on wweforums (:otunga:), etc. If they let the signs go and they appear on TV, nobody's going to think anything about it. It would be an extremely meta move on WWE's part, but that's how it appears to me.

  20. I hope this is a work as I want to see CM Punk wrestle again. If it is, it has never been done before in WWE history and I'd love it.
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