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  1. Post pics/videos/gifs/or just words of when wwe used to be good.

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  2. WM17 'nuff said
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  3. APA That's all
    :damn: :jbl:
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  5. WWE was good when MTV was playing music.
  6. What's funny is that people used to complain back then around the 2002-2005 era just like people do now. I started posting on message boards around that time and there were people complaining even then that it "just wasn't as good as it used to be." In all honesty, though, looking back, that time period was a lot better IMO. But only in comparision with modern day wrestling, becaue it still wasn't all that great. Hell, I'd rather watch mid-90's WWF than most of what we've got today (actually, I kinda do - I watch more videos on Youtube of the 1993-1996 era than I do current day wrestling lol.)

    The best time period for me was around the 1998-2001 mark (although a lot of 1999 was trash.)
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  7. Yeah, they mean it wasn't as good as before. I can only imagine how much people hated it once AE ended and they went back to normal. Know what I mean, Kevin? :jbl:
  8. Honestly I never really complained like I do about today's wrestling. The only thing I didn't like though were minor things like my favorite wrestlers getting titles, not really on stories or wrestling itself.
  9. This.

    Even in the attitude era, the so called best era, the IWC was complaining about it.
  10. Interesting little post.

    I watched a little bit here and there in the Ruthless Agression Era, it was really entertaining stuff, and there were so many memorable moments then. Watching stuff from it again on Youtube was fantastic... About the IWC always complaining, you haven't really been in the TNA section much recently, have you? About people complaining now... yeah those complaints are well earned. I think after this era ends (if it ends), people will have a new appreciation for wrestling... shoot, 2012 has already given me a much better appreciation for 2011. If 2013 is any better, we'll still have our complaints, but hopefully we can sit back and say that it can be worse.
  11. Remember when WWE had competition and didnt pander to the little kids who get beat up and instead worked towards a good quality product for anyone/everyone?

    I remember RAW being good last week, it has terrible weeks, but Paul Bearer is garbage and so was his run as the Undertakers microphone. Sorry, AE had a lot of horribly shitty parts, it just worked for our age group. Today, ages 7-10 and their parent are the one being marketed to, and we just have to accept that super-instert asshole here is the top of the pyramid, and most wrestlers are going to bend over backwards to get to that spot. WWE is still good, it just depends on what you're watching to enjoy, as i feel NXT is the best part of WWE, and you wouldn't have seen shit outside of the 20 wrestlers on RAW weekly back then.

  12. Maybe if they had this for one year instead of three days 1995 would've been decent.
  13. WWE is like it always has been, it has it's good times and it's horrible at others. The product has gotten worse but not as bad as some mention, we're just more critical as we're less of a group of marks and more smarks.
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