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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Remember when DZ jobbed to Brodus Clay in 4 minutes cleanly at ER 2012?

    Post other booking decisions that seem preposterous based on the success/pushes both received following the outcome of said match.

    Obviously Ziggler is now viewed as a top 5/6 guy in the company (full timer at least) and Clay is in a comedy tag team going nowhere ever.

  2. Mirrored but what the hell. Bryan was going to get pushed down the card probably and Sheamus was supposed to become the number 2 guy by a mile. Now Bryan is a steadily used upper mid carder sniffing at the main event and Sheamus looks lackluster.
  3. - Ryder beating Ziggler for the US title at TLC 2011.
    -Santino beating Swagger like 1000 times.
    -Great Khali beating Undertaker at Judgment Day 2006 (I think).
    -Rikishi beating the crap out of Cena in some SD episode in 2003 or 2002.
    -Tensai beating Cena last year on RAW.
  4. That didn't happen.
  5. One that comes to mind is Tensai going over Cena and Punk. (Lol)
  6. It did.
  7. Oh God.

    And Ziggler jobbing to Ryder is another good one. Ziggler gives a kid a rub and WWE just wastes it, spitting in Ziggler's face basically.

    I knew there were tons of good examples. This is why WWE needs to LISTEN TO THE FUCKING CROWD instead of pushing whoever they want and hoping for the crowd to jump on board. Ziggler never should have been jobbing to so many different guys he jobbed to.
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  8. It did. lol
    It was TLC though , not SS.
  9. Which was my point. Ryder never beat Dolph at Survivor Series. He wasn't booked in a match.
  10. Ryder wasn't booked in a match at SS.
  11. Can't forget santino marella beating sheamus on RAW. :otunga:
  12. That was a great decision!
  13. TLC, my bad :damnn:
  14. YOU....:ANNOYED:
    It there anything you don't know or remember about wrestling. :mad2:

  15. Listen to the reaction! :shock:
  16. Santino going over anyone is a joke. He single handedly nearly buried Swagger in 2012.
  17. Probably stuff from Lawler's active days and before.
  18. I love you. :gusta:
  19. Yea that was shocking, but looking at Sheamus current character as a face and how boring and stale it is, I wouldn't mind seeing anyone going over him currently. lol


  20. The irritating thing with the Ryder one is at the time they did the perfect thing with Ryder/Ziggler - new and over character gets put over by a guy who's ready to make the step up. Except afterwards they decided instead of creating two new stars they'd rather rape their credibility and attempt to ruin their careers.

    I actually think surviving a burial like that shows that a guy is really gonna make it into the main event. Kinda similar to Punk, no matter what was done to him he somehow managed to stay relevant.
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