Remembering the WCW/ECW Invasion

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  1. Remembering the WCW/ECW Invasion


    It’s hard to believe how much things change in a decade. While the battles inside WWE rings are going strong, there hasn’t been an outside threat to the organization as a whole since 2001, when the stars of WCW and ECW united to try and take down WWE. (PHOTOS)

    Mr. McMahon’s own children, Shane and Stephanie, tried to take down their father’s sports-entertainment empire, selling their shares to buy his competition. WCW and ECW’s Invasion started an all-out war the likes of which had never been seen before.

    From the first strike to the final battle, The Invasion was one of the most unpredictable periods in WWE history. Relive years of pent up tension unleashed in sports-entertainment’s biggest conflict.

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  3. I'd rather not remember it
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