Remembering WM IX, 20 years later.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Wrestlemania IX. What can be said about Wrestlemania IX that hasn't already been said about Chyna and X-Pac's sex tape? Most of us have tried to block both from memory, pretending they never happened, but that doesn't mean we can't go back and watch the horror and share a few laughs.

    First off, I just want to say that IMDB should not be allowed to rate wrestling PPVs.

    6.1, really? I mean, I realize IMDB has better shit to do than logically rank PPVs from 1993, but damn, how did this get OK'd?

    Let's start with the set. Bobby Heenan, what did you think about this set?


    Enough said.

    The show featured Heenan pulling up backwards on a horse, but it was all downhill from there.

    One last pic of Heenan, because his face in these photos says more about the show than I ever could:


    Interesting note on this Mania, it had matches from both HBK & Taker, and both men arguably had their worst Mania match ever at this event.

    It opened with Tatanka vs Michaels for the IC belt. Tatanka is just a large bloke who can't do much, or do it for very long. A slow, tedious match that made HBK look pretty weak.

    Show Spoiler

    I'm sure most of you have seen this shit
    Show Spoiler

    Just for Leo C, Bob Backlund jobs to The Bad Guy
    Show Spoiler

    My favorite match (by default) of this card was Luger vs Perfect
    Show Spoiler

    There was other fuckery that included Steiners vs Headshrinkers, multiple doinks vs Crush and a lengthy tag team titles match featuring Hogan and Beefcake. But the biggest bit of fuckery in Mania history happened after a boring ass main event between Hart and Yokozuna

    Can anyone think of a more cringe worthy wrestling PPV? I'm sure WCW has some that can compete, lol.
  2. As this was supposed to be the biggest show of the year I don't hink anything can compete lol.
  3. Hogan's return ruined it. If he hadn't, Bret would've went over Yoko, them we would've had a Bret vs either Michaels/Taker/Perfect. All much better than Hogan vs anyone.
  4. Even without Hogan the Hart/Yokozuna Mania MEs were slow and boring as fuck.
  5. Yoko was well over 400lbs he shouldn't have been anywhere near a main event. No ones fault but Vince on that one.
  6. Nobody here is shitting on Bret, calm down Sparky.
  7. Oh, this WM was the best one IMO
  8. Didn't take it as such. Still bothers me today that the fat fuck was main eventing while Razor and Perfect weren't.
  9. Good old WCW seems to be pushing it here, notice the NO DQ match which ended in a DQ due to a dragqueen Flair, Anderson under wrestling rules while Badd can win under boxing rules only.

    This is incredibly bad.
  11. I've never seen a Yokozuna match that didn't consist of at least 75% rest holds. And Vince wonders why the WWE was losing popularity come the mid 90s :mad2:

    but yea, you have Perfect jobbing to Luger, HBK in the mid card and Razor squashing the fossils of vanilla midgets. And people act like Vince just recently lost his mind :cornette:
  12. Heenan- "THAT'S no lady, that's your wife!"
  13. It made sense. Yokozuna fell under the category of Big Man Draw and going up against him helped Bret utilize the role of the underdog more. Of course, Vince thought it wise to put the belt on Hogan and job Bret out, but they made up for it the following year with Bret going over.

    I think Hogan passing the torch to someone like Bret at this here event would have been best but what do I know. The fact that they held this outside and dressed it up in roman clothing and stuff just made it worse. A very unpredictable rainstorm would have been the perfect to top this whole shitpile off.
  14. I can't stop laughing at it, was all early WCW this awesomly random? Flair in a dress, Harlem Heat and The Nasty Boys hitting each other with Cotton Candy, Dusty fighting in a truck it just seems like someone gave Russo some acid and told him create this show.
  15. WCW went through so many different bookers in a very short amount of time in the early 90s that, yea, a lot of the time it became a mess to the point of being sideshow esque, much like late 90s/early 2000s WCW became

    I always remember hearing about crazy shit they tried, this for example:

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  16. WCW in the first half of the 90's was a joke, yes. Don't forget Robocop showing up, Hogan traveling to some mountain or whatever to fight Vader, The Giant supposedly being Andre The Giant resurrected, someone trying to blow up Sting on a boat or something, etc.
  17. Kevin there are no Hulkamaniacs here

    Was this during that Kevin Sullivan feud in 95? Never been much of a WCW fan boy.
  18. The reaction when a new user stumbles into the other wrestling section. Or when an old wrestling fan watches current WWE with his grandkids.
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  19. Yes, that was the Dungeon of Doom feud with Hogan (notoriously some of the worst stuff WCW ever produced.) They were a group designed purposely to take down Hogan. Sounds decent on paper but it was some of the most laughable Z-movie quality segments that wrestling has ever produced.
  20. bewp bewp bewp. Freeze dirt bag

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