Removing MITB and changing SS to 4hours?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Rysenberg, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Could this work? Not only from an entertainment standpoint but also a business standpoint?

    Money in the Bank is not going to get a lot of buys IMO. Last year we had the best storyline in years going into it and we still got a pish buyrate, this year we have had poor ratings and have the 1000th Raw in less than two weeks, the usual folk who buy it will most likely give it a miss due to these reasons. Add to this the main attraction (well I think so anyway) is for the smarks who stream it anyway.

    If they decided to add an extra hour onto Summerslam and added Money in the Bank to it, which, would make Summerslam feel more special again, and would add enough buys to make punting Money In the Bank worthwhile.

    If we were to have the current Money in the Bank card only with The gay ass Raw MITB removed, with Cena facing Jericho in a 1 on 1 match or something and Lesnar Trips. Those two plus D-Bry/Punk and the MITB could easily go long enough to take up for the extra hour.

    ?A?d?d?i?t?i?o?n?a?l?l?y?,? ?h?a?v?e? ?i?t? ?h?e?l?d? ?i?n? ?M?S?G?.? ?I?t? ?w?o?u?l?d? ?m?a?k?e? ?o?u?t? ?f?o?r? ?t?h?e? ?r?e?v?e?n?u?e? ?l?o?s?t? ?f?r?o?m? ?n?o?t? ?h?a?v?i?n?g? ?M?o?n?e?y? ?i?n? ?t?h?e? ?B?a?n?k?.? ?

    Infact, one better. Hold it in an outdoor arena in L.A? Say something around the 50k mark, would really give it the summer feel?

    So increased crowd, increased buyrate and increased entertainment. No brainer IMO.

    What does everyone else think to this idea?
  2. SummerSlam is always held in LA. For that reason alone it won't happen.
  3. Ahh. Well take away the MSG bit and it could easily work though surely?
  4. I think it would work however it may not work outside because of the weather and such. It would be hard for the commentators and everything else.
  5. Only Wrestlemania is 4 hours.

    Having it held in an 18k arena, only like 14(?) more than MITB means 14k lost ticket sales. They wouldn't make the money back on no MITB.

    The last two MITB shows have been great. I see this one drawing the same/slightly less (10-20k less) numbers than last year. Which I believe was 230k mark. Could be miles off there.


    Wrestlemania 24, Wrestlemania 28, both out-doors.

  6. I didn't actually realize that. It would work then if the weather is good.
  7. I like the idea of only Wrestlemania being four hours. Plus, I would hate how every month would have a PPV except for the one month of July.
  8. It won't get any more than 160/170k IMO, when you factor in production costs for the entire thing I think they could make more if they just promoted Summerslam as the second biggest PPV, punted it up to 4 hours they could easy get an extra 300 - 400k buys every year if they just promote as really big and make it seem massive again. A great way of doing this is by giving it money in the bank and giving it a massive build. Long term it could really benefit them and all they need for it to suceed is 200k extra buys +15k more in attendance which is easily manageable.
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