Kayfabe Renaissance

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  1. After a brief commercial break, the screen fades into lead interviewer Alex Price standing by. He's a short man wearing a very formal suit and tie.

    Price: Please welcome my guest at his time; Bill Bronson.

    The faint reaction from the crowd is nothing more than that, faint. The relatively unknown and mysterious Bill Bronson has yet to be seen bar a video of him being leaked on the WWEF website. Bronson can be seen as the camera slowly pans outward to show the interviewee. He is a burly man and has a very gruff demeanor. He's wearing a plain black jacket, and the red waistline of his trunks can be seen peeking at the bottom of the frame. After another moment, Price turns to speak to Bronson.

    Price: Bill, myself and presumably the live audience both want to know, what are your intentions here in Precision?

    Bronson stretches himself in the same spot as Price raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Well, if you ask anybody who has heard of me, they would tell you that I'm not your typical wrestler from this generation. I don't wear a flashy outfit, I don't pander to the fans, and I especially don't do all of these flips and call it wrestling like most kids these days. I've been paying attention to the scene for the past few years, and let me tell you how disappointing it is to see a match where it's nothing more than 25 minutes of grown men flipping around and kicking each other in the face like they're six-year-olds on a trampoline. It's a disgrace to the sport, and it's an embarrassment to me. I began training about 17 years ago, and since then I've used wrestling as a source for two things. I've used it to bring in money for my family, and I've used it to let out any pent up aggression over kids who think they know what they're doing. Because, when you crack open the history books of wrestling, you don't see any of that flippy nonsense. No, you see two men going one-on-one, in a ring, and beating the holy hell out of one another. I feel as though a lot of the "fans" have forgotten that, and they need a fast reminder of what it truly is.

    Price: With that being said though, don't you believe that the fans may perceive you as boring or unentertaining?

    Bronson: The fans perception is one that has been blinded and hindered for a long time. Like I said, they're the ones who are clamoring for more flips and less fighting. I understand the entire concept of putting on a show for the crowd, but I'm not a showman. I'm a fighter. I've been fighting my entire life, why should I change that just for a cheap pop and online adulation? If the fans don't find me entertaining, then I guess you could say that I'm just doing my job.

    Price: Okay, one more question. What are your thoughts on Joseph Diamond and what he brings to the table?

    Bronson suddenly has a look of confusion come across his rough face.

    I'm sorry, who?

    Price: Joseph Diamond, your opponent for later on tonight.

    Bronson: Oh yeah, that fella. From my understanding, the kid has a massive ego. I can't say for certain my thoughts on him when I know nothing about him. One thing I do know though is this, little Joey is going to be having a rough inauguration into this company. And after I win my match with Joe, the Wrestling Renaissance will be in full swing.

    After saying this phrase, Bronson pauses for a moment before turning and walking off to continue preparing for his match against Joseph Diamond. The scene ends on a still of Alex Price standing in the camera's view.

    -End Segment-

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