Rename cash display option from shop?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. So I noticed @Coon has his $$$ display as cheez its. Is it that something that could be sold at the shop? I would be interested. Just an idea.
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  3. I was afraid you might say that :downer:
  4. YES! DO IT NOW!
  5. Tbh Credits is a stupid name anyway. We're a wrestling forum. We need something wrestling related.
  6. Best For Business Points :dawg:
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  7. Not sure how difficult it would be to do officially, since I just edited templates to do it for me and it might get a little tedious doing it for everyone. If the suggestion is really popular and staff sign off on it, I might be able to add a little javascript to the top of a template that will make it easier to add/remove them without having to add a bunch of template variables around the place.
  8. I lol'd.


    Urm... title points? Remove the whole "currency" aspect?
  9. If it costs a lot, say 10k/month surely that wouldn't be so bad?
  10. Depends whatever price is agreed on and whether the admins would be down for it, since only admins can edit the templates to enable the changes.
  11. TP?
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  12. And of course by that you mean You and Crayo :lol1:

  13. :lol1:
  14. What bout Solidus and Xanth?
  15. Soly is the network guy, and Xanth.... :haha:
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  16. Ah I see :lol1:
  17. Making more work for the aaaaadmins - woot woot :troll:
  18. inb4 you're promoted to admin just to deal with your suggestions
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  19. LOL, javascript whats that?:burns:
  20. It's where you write all of the code on tracing paper with an fountain pen, then dip it in coffee, fold it up and stick it to the side of a hard-drive. The compile time is pretty ridiculous.
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