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Jon Moxley broke the news about his wife’s pregnancy during a promo on last night’s (Nov. 18) episode of AEW Dynamite. Shortly afterwards, Renee Pacquette publicly celebrated the news, while revealing that she accidentally sent Bayley a related text that was meant for her husband:

100% the way you found out. *i thought i was texting Jon a pregnancy update. I was in fact, texting @itsBayleyWWE *

— Renee Paquette (@ReneePaquette) November 19, 2020

Oops! Thankfully Bayley is a role model, so of course she did the right thing and didn’t spill the beans ahead of time.

Renee then talked about some body changes that she is dealing with, while getting a warning of what’s to come from Lacey Evans:

now i can finally start telling you guys just how sore my boobs are.

— Renee Paquette (@ReneePaquette) November 19, 2020
Wait till they squirt when you cough...

— Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar. karaoke champion (@LaceyEvansWWE) November 19, 2020

Pregnancy is a wild time, but there is no doubt that Renee and Jon will be fantastic parents. Congrats again to the happy couple!

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