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I have trashed Renee Young before. I do think she is not cut out to be a commentator for Monday Night Raw. But I respect her honestly here. I feel as though she was promoted to that position because WWE wanted a woman on TV. What do you think about her commentary? And how do u feel about her response to the haters on twitter?


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I think she said exactly what she needed to, she admitted she isnt very good at commentary and is trying to get better at it every single week, you cant ask or hope for anything more then that.

Yeah, she was much better at backstage interviews and WWE put her in a tough spot, ofcourse she wont be great over night, its gonna take some time, im just glad she responded the way she did, Seth should take notes lol
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In think the entire WWE commentary set up is flawed.

They should have two people not three & half way through
RAW & Pay Per View shows they should swap out with two
fresh commentators.

SDL is fine with the same team for 2 hours.

Divide the commentators in to teams of two (those with the
best chemistry) & have them work together on a constant
basis to get better as a unit.

As far as Renee goes...I honestly haven't heard much of her
because I stopped watching the WWE before she was given
the spot...and while I think Renee is awesome...from what I've
heard of her...she isn't really that good as a commentator.

But then granted neither is Beth Phoenix or what do
you do?

Honestly...Alexa Bliss should be trained to be a commentator...
I mean she is really good at talking & has a strong & distinct

Maybe start training Alicia Fox as well? She at least has some
character & personality.

I don't know...

I know the team on 205 Live is pretty maybe give them
an hour on RAW or SDL to see how they handle it.
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Personally I think she should take the lead commentator role on Raw, currently Michael Cole is that but if you watch the recent smack down episode you would see Michael Cole was kinda great at being the side play by play to Todd Phillips and it was so refreshing to see. It was literally some of his best announcing in years. Renee is in a tough spot being the third person that I think some established commentators would already struggle with (Example: Mauro Ranallo) so have Renee lead the play by play and have Cole be the side person and Corey continue to do colour commentary. I think Renee has the skill to do it.
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When someone says that your shit at your job, do not reply with 'I get paid loads so it dont matter'. When someone is criticising someone at their job they don't give a fuck about how much you get paid. The guy knows your getting paid he isn't concerned about that. You are a shit commentator regardless of whether you get paid or not
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Really getting tired of these people, saying "I make more money blah blah" look social media is the lowest of low of the internet. There is a BLOCK option for a reason, when you're someone that has gained any significant popularity or recognition, all the vermins of the internet are gonna come at you. If you start arguing with them or let them get to you, you already lost. Don't feed the trolls.


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I think from the glimpses I've seen in NXT and the poise she has in interviews, she has the potential. Is she above criticism? No. Nobody is. But some of it has to do with the environment around her, like Vince screaming in their ears, too many cooks, and maybe the need to build chemistry with the team, it isn't easy. I appreciate her honesty, though, and I hope she improves along with what is around her.

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There is a strange attitude & reaction process taking place in the entire entertainment
industry these days.

If the fans of any TV show or film series complain or turn on the franchise...
its their fault for being sexist, racist or "basement dwelling man babies"

Ghostbusters 2016
Black Panther
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Captain Marvel
Game of Thrones
Terminator: Dark Fate will be the next one...

Its like if you're a fan & you stop liking something because you honesty
don't like're at fault.

The same issue is beginning to pop up more & more in the WWE...

If the fans don't react the way the WWE wants...its the fans who are at fault.

Just look at Alexa Bliss & her recent Twitter bitching...

The WWE's goal should be to entertain their fans...not bully them when they
aren't entertained. That will just push more people away to the "alternative"

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From what I heard, she struggles to do this but she aced backstage interviews. WWE has a problem. They take a person who has great talent doing one thing, tells them not to do it, and puts them in a more stressful position expecting them to do better.

Twitter is a joke anymore. Not worth paying attention to the virtue signaling, complaining, name-calling, etc. on there. I used to think Facebook was the site where people developed a "god complex" but Twitter sure proved me wrong.

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