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Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega in the main event of the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Sat., Nov. 9, 2019) in Baltimore, and the two absolutely beat the hell out of each other along the way. One person who was watching with great interest was WWE’s own Renee Young.

Moxley’s wife.

It started well enough!

My husband is handsome. Also a bad MFer. ⚡

— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) November 10, 2019
And then the match got going:


— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) November 10, 2019
And picked up:

Hi. Yes. Hello. I hate this.

— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) November 10, 2019
Poor, Renee.

Seriously wtf. Renee Young on Twitter

— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) November 10, 2019
Moxley came out of the match bruised and banged up, as one would expect, but he’s not injured. All’s well that ends well then, right?

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