News Renee Young sought after by ESPN?

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  1. The Wrestling Observer is currently reporting that ESPN are possibly seeking out the services of WWE's top interviewer, Renee Young. She's been praised by fans, officials and talent for her knowledge of the product, her interview style and her general attitude with WWE. It's then to no surprise that ESPN would come calling asking for her services.

    The Observer is saying that ESPN wants to attempt to give her a lead anchor role in which she would work with fellow ESPN anchors. Speaking of those anchors, it's also well noted that WWE would like to work again with Jonathon Coachman and Todd Grisham who are both former WWE interviewers/hosts. Potentially, a deal could be set up allowing Grisham and Coachman work on the WWE Network with Young going the other way but that is just speculating.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future given ESPN's interests especially since they have not been ruled out of TV negotiation rights for WWE TV yet.

    I, personally, would love to see ESPN get the TV rights to air WWE... that way Renee can still be a part of the company and split time with ESPN... I have to say I would miss her tremendously if she left WWE to be exclusive to ESPN, because I think she's the best backstage interviewer since Mean Gene.

    What do you guys think?

  2. I like Renee a lot as an interviewer, I wouldn't be happy if she left. Wouldn't lose any sleep over it obviously, but still.
  3. Won't care either way.

    Lol @ 'rasslin stuff on ESPN though

    Also, Coachman is goat.
  4. ESPN doesn't have Roman Reigns so she ain't goin nowhere
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  5. I do like her as a interviewer, but I won't miss her all that much, if she does leave.
  6. I love Renee, I'd definitely be sad if the WWE lost her to ESPN. I wouldn't blame her for going over to them as i'd imagine it would be a better gig for her.
  7. Renee is a hot, talented young interviewer and the ratio of male-to-female interviewers throughout the history of the WWE is pretty one-sided in favor of the men, so it's re-freshening to see a female be "the voice of the WWE" for a change. I'd hate to have to see her go.
  8. I would not like to see her leave. Seeing as she does an excellent job and is all over the place in WWE (see my thread on Renee being the REAL face of WWE #ShamelessPlug). Screw you ESPN!
  9. Vince better get his cheque book and offer Renee a huge amount of money to stay in WWE as you know ESPN will offer more than what WWE is paying her right now. Renee seems a good presenter and Vince cant possibly risk losing her to ESPN
  10. She should go where the money leads her.
  11. What intrigues me more is the idea @WeWantanAttitudeEra about ESPN and WWE having some kind of carriage deal.

    I doubt the deal would be between WWE and ESPN, but between WWE and Disney/ABC (cue the screams of the IWC as they consider the product becoming even more PG by being connected with Disney....ahhhh....but I digress). And I don't think there would be any problem whatsoever. I mean, Raw moves to A&E; Smackdown on the History Channel; a weekly show on ESPN2, the Longhorn Network, or the SEC Network; Total Divas on Lifetime; a couple of Saturday Night's Main Event specials on ESPN or even ABC itself; John Cena and Big E in specials on the Disney Channel...........

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  12. I would definitely miss her if she went strictly to ESPN. As much as I like her as an interviewer, I enjoy her even more on NXT commentary. Not anything I'd really hate or lose sleep over, but I would be a little bummed if she left.
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  13. I would boycott all WWE programming personally
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  14. This is my personal opinion as well. She's great on NXT commentary...and so is Tensai/Prince Albert/Jason Albert.

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  15. but regal da best
  16. I won't argue with that (although I'm dying to correct the grammar in it), but her commentary has been quite good.

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