Replacement referees don’t belong in the NFL … or WWE

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  1. Replacement referees don’t belong in the NFL … or WWE


    On the final play of "Monday Night Football," with only eight seconds on the clock and the Seattle Seahawks trailing the Green Bay Packers, 12-7, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson chucked a 24-yard Hail Mary pass into a free-for-all in the end zone. Wide receiver Golden Tate shoved a defender in the back with both hands, eliminating an opponent to fight him for the ball while creating the possibility of a clear path to it as well.

    Tate and Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings then both got their hands on the ball, though the Packers and almost everyone watching the game, insisted Jennings had clear possession for a game-ending interception.

    Instead, after conflicting signals from two officials, the replacement referees ruled on the field that Tate and Jennings had simultaneous possession, which counts as a reception and a win for Seattle (a situation almost identical to the double pinfall of WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena that occurred at Night of Champions). (DETAILS) To his credit, seasoned WWE official Chad Patton made the right call as he has thousands of times throughout his 10 years with WWE.

    Conversely, the following night on Raw, a referee that would have remained anonymous had he not blown a call in the tag team main event, counted CM Punk’s shoulders to the mat, not seeing that Punk had managed to drape his foot across the bottom rope before the count of three, enraging the WWE Champion. (MORE)

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