News Report: John Cena Suffers Knee Injury At WWE RAW!

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  1. Apparently John Cena suffered a legitimate injury during the attack he suffered from The Wyatt Family at Monday’s post-Elimination Chamber edition of WWE RAW.

    The injury reportedly took place when Erick Rowan took him down as soon as The Wyatt Family hit the ring to start their attack. There is early fear that Cena either dislocated or hyper-extended his knee.

    As seen on RAW, Cena was taken out of the ring on a stretcher. Michael Cole informed fans that he had a lot of swelling around his knee and was being checked on by WWE trainers backstage.

    We should have more on Cena’s condition soon.


    YES YES YES! WM30 maybe better now! look like the we got past the guy who is holding the future back!​
  2. So, now if Bray was to go over Cena, who in hell would replace Cena assuming this isn't a fake.
  3. Looks like SHIELD will be facing The Wyatt Family in some form at 'Mania now that Cena is injured. Ambrose was like a badass when he saved the day from the Wyatts.
  4. It definitely looked more like a dislocation than anything, the same thing happened to me a few years back. Rowan isn't fully to blame, this sometimes happen if a person plants too hard and then makes a sudden movement without unplanting or if it forcefully moves without it unplanting.
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  5. Really i don't like his character either, but why get happy he's injured he still is a good edition to the show in some way.
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  6. But.... Cena wasn't holding the future back... No need to cheer an injury to Cena at this point lol

    Shield vs Wyatts II at Wrestlemania. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
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  7. I hope so and if I'm being honest I hope these two stables stick around for a bit longer, could create quite an epic series of matches for the WWE.
  8. No one should be happy for someone to get an injury - loved or not. -.- It's a great deal of pain.

    Hope physio's good! He knows what to do, he's a certified physical therapist! :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Lmao, Cena holding the future down. Yeah, totes. (e.g Cesaro vs Cena,Cena vs Bryan SS 2013,Cena vs Punk MITB 2011,Cena vs Ziggler TLC 2012)
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  10. Cena's been getting hurt alot lately. Maybe that should be a sign for him to maybe consider slowing down.
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  11. And/Or should consider going back when he's really sure that he's already healed. He's a physical therapist, he knows the consequences if he continues at this rate.
  12. Thanks to for the find and @Sloc12 on Twitter for the photo.

    It looks like a dislocated kneecap here as Wrestlechat pointed out. WWE did say he's currently under evaluation so we will see.

    Photo (open)


    Judging from the photo (haven't watched RAW, natch.), the kneecap wasn't the one that got dislocated, it's the femur. I can also see major patella tendon damage. Take my say lightly, seeing as I only judged the damage with a photo. Radiographs and shit are needed to have an accurate diagnosis.

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  13. Ive read this injury is a work and isnt real
  14. From where, Your Facebook page?
  16. exactly. Cena wants to push talent at this point and fight them...I'm all for Cena being around now.
  17. Im actually disappointed cena v wyatt would of been a great match I reckon I guess shield v wyatts 2 will do
  18. Wow you know what blffl may actually be right

    taken from wrestlezone
  19. Yeah I didn't see the stretcher but they're starting to say it's a work most likely to try and give him another superman type effort match at WM.
  20. why are you happy about this GOhan you fucking dolt? Cena/Bray was going to/is going to be amazing
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