Kayfabe REPORT: Joseph Diamond Injured

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    As many have suspected, Joseph Diamond has suffered a dislocation to his right shoulder. The shoulder was first injured in May, while Diamond was preparing for his Precision debut. The injury was rehabilitated and Diamond was able to return to the ring in just two months. The injury was aggravated this past Sunday at Hell in a Cell, when Diamond fell nearly 30 feet from the top of the Hell in a Cell. Diamond was able to pop the shoulder back into position and finish the match, where he was able to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

    As for a return window, Precision medical staff have confirmed the shoulder will NOT need surgery, but his return window is very up in the air right now, so much so that doctors have not ruled out him competing this Saturday on Precision, but they believe Diamond should sit out at least until WrestleDynasty.

    When we reached out to Joseph for a comment, he simply told us that he would have an announcement to make this Saturday, the nature of that announcement we are still unsure of.

    - Sharon Glencross
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