Report on Lockdown PPV Ticket Sales

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  1. So after tracking the ticket sales for Lockdown since they were released in December, here's what I currently have.

    • 6600 tickets are on sale so far, made up by the 8 sections on the floor and the 8 sections of elevated seating.
    • 2618 tickets have been sold so far and 3981 are still available.

    It should be noted that the amount of tickets sold for Lockdown so far is more than the amount sold for Slammiversary two weeks before the event, which with some local promotion by Hulk Hogan just days before the event spiked the sales and went on to be the highest U.S. attendance in TNA history. So don't be nervous about the number; as long as they do some local promotion with Hogan they should do just fine considering they are in a better position now this far out than they were with Slammiversary just two weeks from the event.

    TNAsylum - full credit

    Solid, I'd say. It's still 2+ months until the PPV.
  2. 21 day later, here's the new report brother:
    Going good I see, two more weeks of local promotion and TV build and I believe they'll reach 5.5k easily.
  3. Hopefully it's a hot crowd, where are they?
  4. Take a quick look here bro:

    If last year's Slammiversary meant anything, then we are in for a helluva crowd.:obama:
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  5. Not too shabby at all so far. Shouldn't have any problem selling more tickets. Local promotion plus this week's episode should be able to help get the word out even more and get the locals interested. Should have a good crowd.
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