Report on why Ohno wasn't brought up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. That boss needs seasoning?

  2. He doesn't need seasoning I'm hoping it's cause they have plans for him at a later stage.
  3. Wtf is seasoning anyway?
  4. Then throw some salt and pepper on him and put his ass on Raw!
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  5. Salt n Pepper
  6. I'd guess experience? But Ohno has been in the business for 10+ years already. Then again Rollins spent two years on FCW/NXT and Ambrose a year and a half for the same reason.
  7. Only thing I can think is that WWE don't think they are ready to play to the bigger crowds yet and need to work on that. As it's not a few hundred ppl who need to get the emotion of them it's a few thousand which is slightly different.

    Only say this from something Edge said it was what he struggled with when he first came to WWE getting his emotions and pain across to thousands not hundreds.
  8. Hero or Ohno as you like to call him, is more prepared for the main roster than 1/3 of the actual roster tbh.
  9. Seasoning is what's called when Vince doesn't know how to use talent. I'm sure Triple H knows he's ready, just let this dude debut. I would mark like a bitch if his debut was in a tag team match with Antonio.
  10. I agree with this was just thinking of reasons for the move by WWE
  11. Yeah, the only guy who spent very little time on development was DB (I may be wrong though), but anyway, most of them spend a lot of time down there. Ambrose and Rollins are two prime examples. Not sure for how long Cesaro stayed there... but Roman Reigns was wrestling there as Leakee longer than Ohno so I guess it makes sense. I do agree that he has all the experience it takes though.
  12. Sin Cara and Del Rio didn't spend much time there either from what I've been told
  13. Apparently Bryan opted to go into development to fit into the WWE style.
  14. And Del Rio said in an interview that they asked him to go to developmental to work on his promo cutting not his ring work, thus he was there for a shorter time.
  15. True, forgot them, but as we can see Sin Cara should've been there and Del Rio iirc told them that if he wasn't promoted to the main roster he'd leave to Mexico or something.
  16. DBD opted to go to FCW to prepare himself to work in the WWE style (as mentioned before).

    ADR was sent to FCW to work on his in-ring style (which was a lot faster-paced coming from Mexico) and on his promos. Rumor has it that he threatened to walk out of his WWE contract if he wasn't hurried through the end of his prep and onto the main roster. Take it for what you will.

    Sin Cara skipped FCW completely and it's taken him quite some time (and one major injury) to start really getting a decent working style with other WWE talent. Rumor has it that Mysterio and HHH have really been working on him the last few months to get him to where he would have been had he gone to FCW/NXT initially. This was also the catalyst to the decision to team him with Mysterio.

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