Report on why WWE is signing more indy talent and who is pushing for it

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Triple H is actually doing me proud. He has good taste as well.

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  2. Great to read it. Generico working without the mask is sort of a let down, but let's see how it ends up. HHH already improving the company.
  3. Weird how Hunter is turning into an IWC favourite now lmao.
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  4. Hunter realizes the future. Kudos.
  5. Nice read and good move by Triple H.
    Now we just gotta fix creative...
  6. El Generico got signed? :shock:
    Maybe Triple H isn't such a bad guy after all. Lets see how many of these indy stars get to stick around. I'm impressed with the recruiting WWE has done as of late, makes me have hope for the future.
  7. WWE: Soon to be overran by vanilla midgets
  8. Love it. Cole and Callihan would be great additions along with Generico, as long as WWE handles them properly. Way to go, Triple H. I'm actually impressed. That last paragraph also makes me proud.
  9. Pretty good idea WWE has now. The creative needs to step up, but signing these talents is the first step to improving the product.
  10. Damn. It's kinda funny I knew it would be HHH who pushed for it. Kinda sad that Genericho won't be with his mask, I hope he keeps his theme though.. OLE!
  11. Wow i knew the rumour didnt know he had sugned thats freaking great. Great move by WWE lets hope they use him well.
  12. Paul actually signing decent talent this just shows Vince needs to retire and Paul to take over completely
  13. Also forgot to say HHH is pulling some serious strings atm. Loojs to me like he is shaping the company how he wants it to be for the future.
  14. His penis unlocked the door to the WWE
  15. True that.

    Or his large nose.
  16. Wonder if HHH will make major changes when he takes charge. At the moment he's signing his talent and reshaping the developmental show NXT, but I wonder what major changes to RAW, SmackDown and other major WWE decisions he will actually make.
  17. A three year WHC reign for Sheamus fella.
  18. My guess is more focus on in ring technical skills and to hype it as a sport, which seems to be what he's done on NXT. Still keeping the drama but bring forth that it takes place within a sport universe.Title importance and such, let the stories enhance the titles and the feel of competition.

    This is only me wishing/thinking though.
  19. That's honestly what I worry about. He may recruit decent talent, but the talent he has reportedly had influence in pushing are Sheamus, Brad Maddox and Sin Cara...
  20. Whos behind Cesaro, Barrett an ADR is that VKM?
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