Report: Undertaker's WM 28 opponent...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Discuss.
  2. It's possible. I mean, they have a long and intense history together, plus that UFC staredown, etc. This match + Rock/Cena II for the WWE Title = yet another Mania with 1,000,000+ buys. Oh yeah, and there's a possibility of Punk/Austin...
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  3. It'll be even better as they have legit hate for each other.
  4. Did not expect that.
  5. I have some very reliable sources that tell me Taker's WM 28 opponent will be Triple H
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  6. Haha :lol1:
  7. They don't hate each other. I heard they're pretty good.
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  8. No shock here. I've been thinking that Taker/Cena will be saved for the big Wrestlemania 30 show, which begs the question of who Taker's opponent could be for WM29. He's only gonna stick with fighting the big names from now on since he's been doing that for the past six Wrestlemanias, so Brock Lesnar (in Lesnar's last match before leaving) seems like the right match. That leaves Rock/Cena for the WWE Title.
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes:!

    The ownly thing esle would make it much is if it was for the WWE and or World Champion!

  10. Predictable. I did think his opponent at WM 29 was going to be Brock, so no surprise for me here.
  11. I though it was going e him at WM 28 before it turn into Triple H, I am not shock but then again if I was him i would just call it quits he is 20-0 at WM and thats a good way to go out.:taker:
  12. With Wrestlemania 30 so near, he wouldn't want to retire just yet...
  13. :taker: VS. :brock: = GOLD!

    That'd be awesome for the biz.
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  14. I thought Taker should have retired after his last WM match too, not sure if it is good for his health.
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  15. It will produce big Mania buy rates but that's it. It does nothing for WWE in the long term.

    /smark pessimistic perceptive
  16. There is alot of people think Brock will end the streak i don't think wwe would do it to Taker if Trips & Shawn couldn't do it then Brock can't lol
  17. Maybe good for business as Testify stated..

    But if you look at their form... Brock can't lose.. It's impossibru.. Taker is an old man atm and Brock would destroy him. I'm wondering how Taker will Tombstone him..
  18. Brock won't end the streak indeed, it's just for buyrates as D'Z said. Lesnar doesn't care about losing as long as he's paid.
  19. IMO it's okay if it's not Taker's last match. I still want to see super face Cena vs Taker and then a young star get a rub from him (Taker doesn't have to lost to give a rub so calm down).
  20. I see what you're saying.. But imagine..

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]

    Too obvious.. :facepalm1:
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