Reported cracks in the relationship between Punk and WWE

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 21, 2012.

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  2. Was going to post this. Seems realistic to be honest, especially with PWInsider reporting it.
  3. Would be nice if this caused some problems. Let's see what happens.
  4. Nice?
  5. Damn, I'm sleepy. Not what I meant. I was going for something along the lines of "It'd be nice to see how they solve this".
  6. Haha okay, I was going to say :goatface:
  7. :lol1: That'd make sense, unlike my previous statement.
  8. Beyond sick of that guy. What kind of company puts their biggest prize on a malcontent who's always whining.

    Maybe if Punk showered, they'd promote him more.... maybe if Punk brushed his teeth they'd put him on commercials...

    and maybe just maybe if Punk stopped grabbing his clothes from under his bed he'd be promoted in Wrestlemania ads
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  9. Forgot showering has a massive impact on whether you're promoted... It's not like he's been the champion for over a year, oh wait he has.
  10. When is this dude not complaining and throwing shade at WWE?

    They make him WWE champion for an entire year and this is how he pays them back by shitting on their product.

    He seems like a real ungrateful mf like dude maybe if you brought in ratings they'd bother promoting your appearances.

    Lets face it Punk will never be A rock or Stone cold. In 20 years from now he won't be remembered. He'll never make it into the HOF.

    Vince should depush the douche and have him drop the title to Rock at the Rumble. Punk is giving WWE bad press.

    Hitting fans,telling fans to kill themselves on twitter,calling fans homosexual names and now he's trashing WWE on twitter.

    Wow just wow :facepalm:
  11. Or he is just a heel doing his job. In today's environment of social media heels need to find other ways to get heat since they don't do as many public appearances in character as back in the 80's.
  12. How is shitting on his employer being a ''good heel?''

    He was not in character he's a legit complaining ungrateful zealot.

    I've never heard of Hulk hogan going on talk shows in the 80's disrespecting his boss ie Vince.
  13. Hogan was a babyface during his entire run of the 80's so it doesn't really make sense to compare. The key part of Punk's current heel run is that it is him vs the WWE. They don't want him as champion but he still remains being so. Of course a logical step is then for a wrestler like Punk, who lives his character to strike against it on outside media outlets. It is only logical since it builds his character. I am pretty sure that he has Vince and the company's green light to say the things he says.
  14. Just like Vince gave him the go to hit a fan right? :dawg:
  15. That's a situation that cannot be compared fully to this. That was a situation where neither person had full control of the situation nor can any of them be solely blamed. Punk complaining about not being booked goes more in line with his character and story so it is most likely planned.
  16. Can someone explain what Stopspot and the other geezer are talking about in one sentence please.
  17. :okay: Lets just end this conversation...
  18. Lol at some of the hate that Punk gets on here, people get so worked up about him, it's funny because in reality he doesn't give the slightest shit about any of it.

    But yeah, this report seems like total bullshit to me:

    'PWInsider reports that there has been a major disconnect within the relationship between Punk and WWE over the past few weeks. It was originally reported that John Cena was the one who spoke out at Vince McMahon backstage and told him the product needed major changes because it was in bad shape. PWInsider reports that other people are saying it was Punk who spoke out. '

    Aye okay. So it was Punk, then Berto, then Cena, then Punk again? Some fantastic reporting right there. If you're gonna make up bullshit then at least stick to it.
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  19. Whining, whining and whining.

    Come on dude.. His face will be promoted somewhere else.

    His ''persona'' doesn't care about the fans or the WWE Universe, so why the hell should he be on posters and stuff?

    1+1=2 dawg, open your eyes.
  20. That situation was hardly his fault either. I mean, I guess it is for going into the crowd in the first place. However, if you saw the full video, you can see Phil getting abused like hell. Shitheads kept shoving him and one punched him in the kidney. Would YOU withstand that type of abuse trying to keep character? I don't think so. No one lays a hand on me for no fucking reason.
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