News Reported WM plans for Bryan are... disappointing

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  1. On one hand we get heel Sheamus, on the other hand it doesn't seem like a big mania payoff for Bryan.
  2. If you think it through it's probably the best case scenario for Bryan at this point. What are his other options? It's not the right time for him to face the streak. Doubt he's returning to the title picture. A long, drawn out feud with Wyatt would be lame. Punk is taking on the authority.

    It would be a great start to the show. Bryan goes over, gets to avenge WM28 defeat, lots of YES chants, etc.
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  3. Sheamus and Y2J are slated for an Auto show appearance in Pittsburgh this weekend.
    Sheamus on Friday & Y2J on Saturday, neither on Sunday.
    I'm pretty sure he's in the Rumble same with Y2J :emoji_slight_smile: But if these are really what it's looking like.. that's just plain turrible.
  4. :eww: what a waste of DB
  5. I like your way of looking at it. But considering how close Trips is to Sheamus I fear that he will book Sheamus to go over to make him look strong.
    Match will most likely be real good if allowed the time since the two have a lot of chemistry and work well together. And if the story is set up right I will enjoy it. But the idea of Sheamus and Bryan having a third Wrestlemania match with at least right now at the outset a bit disappointing to me.
  6. Speaking of Y2J, why not Y2J/Bryan at WM?
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  7. Obviously I'd be totally against it if Sheamus is planned to win. Who else could he face though? Very few credible heels right now.
  8. If we get heel Sheamus, cool. If this will be a match with nothing on the line, not cool.

  9. If it's for the title, fine. Otherwise this idea can go fuck itself with a pinecone.
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  10. lmfao

    Hoping this happens so I can revel in the mass amounts of IWC butt hurt.
  11. This is sad, really sad. DB deserves so much more. I still remember people with their 'wait and see' bullshit. They said he'd get his revenge on HHH, that he'd get his run with the title. Now this. It's not even DB vs HBK. It's Sheamus. Sad, just sad.
    You don't have to wait, you can start reveling right now.
  12. Lol. And we all thought he'd end up being champ after he got "screwed over" the first time :dawg: :okay:

    WWE suxxxx. Seriously though, they do.
  13. GAY! But what can u do wwe never know how to book right! Anyway CM Punk set to face Orton at WM30 in the main event i guess Bryan can get his revage on Shummus for the 18 Secord crap at WM28!
  14. Ehhhhhh I feel that Mania should be an hour longer than all the other PPVs. I feel that there should be something to make 'Mania feel special other than the big arena.
  15. So they can give Sheamus & Bryan a 30 minute match
  16. Laaaame! I wanted to see Bryan vs Lesnar for the title, Bryan vs Punk vs Cena for the title or hell, even Bryan vs Undertaker - not this crap. Hell, even non-title matches with HBK or Y2J would have got me pumped up.
  17. It's unfortunate but it is the way of the WWE as of late... but WM30 is not set in stone yet, so let's keep hoping, no matter how much it seems unlikely, that Bryan will at least have an entertaining match and I don't believe that Sheamus/Bryan could be entertaining even with a heel Sheamus.
  18. inb4BryanpinsSheamusin17secondsorless.

    But seriously, there's no defense of this. Bryan is the most over man in the company, he should be in a much more high-profile match than against someone like Sheamus. He's already defeated people higher on the totem pole like John Cena, Randy Orton, The Shield, etc., so what is there to gain from defeating Sheamus? To avenge an 18 second loss from two years ago? He already proved that was a fluke the following month at Extreme Rules 2012 when he took Sheamus to his limit in a 2-out-of-3 falls match and even scored the first fall cleanly (meaning if it were a normal match with only one fall, he would have won.) He also beat Sheamus cleanly last summer on Raw. He has nothing left to prove here and it's just a waste of Bryan to try and use him to get a heel Sheamus over on the big stage.

    All that said, I don't buy that they would do this. I wouldn't even discount the possibility of WWE releasing these sort of rumors on purpose in order to work people. There were talks of Shawn Michaels coming back just recently to fight Bryan or Bryan contesting for the streak. To consider Bryan for those type of big matches and then consider shooting him down in a midcard match worthy of opening up the show is a pretty big drop off.
  19. Daniel Bryan to feud with Sheamoose, what he does gain outta that? Why put him in a match with a two left Sheamus theirs nothing that interests me there at all.Waste of a Bryan and all his hard work this year!
  20. If this is true then fuck HHH and fuck creative, fuck Vince and the whole crew. Dude gets the biggest pops all day long, and the only thing that could be worse than this, is if they added ADR into the match.
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