Reporting Spam Statuses?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Samalan, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey,

    Due to a some spam on statuses, is there any way to report them as I can't find a report button? If not, could you add one please if possible - if it means you have to pay then don't bother. Just thought it would be useful for when no staff are online and all the bots think they would be able to get away with it.

    Thanks and sorry if it has already been asked or whatever.
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  2. Seconding this!
  3. been suggested before :O the mods can clearly see them and will remove them if necessary
  4. Fuck all 3 of you. How about not counting posts from threads like count to 10000 and Yes!.....Vince, there goes 8k posts.

    The status should be open to interpretation, and having some douche like hoss hovering over my status is more than enough. Seabs, hoss, Crayon, and :xanth: all do a great job IMO of handling it. This is a forum, this idea is about as great as letting webx back immediately.
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  5. We are talking spam as in advertising and stuff not LQ posts :facepalm1:

    This is just an idea, no need to be pissed off over it.
  6. No need, our moderators are very active and reporting them won't get them removed faster. Bots don't tend to use the status plugin anyway, it's very rare that we delete statuses unless they're flaming or spoilers.
  7. Yeah Xanth did a good job when WebX tried to be a noob with multi-accounts.
  8. Lol Xanth? Pretty sure it was our Staff.
  9. It was Hoss who cockslapped him I think, I was trying to sleep.
  10. Lazy ass.
  11. I read too many of your posts :sad:
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