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  1. Users have the ability to give positive reputation more than once to a user, I've kept that so you can further show appreciation for their given quality to the site instead of only once, and so that members who rep user X can re-rep X when they're Superstar or Legend and give more points.

    At the moment though it's getting abused. If you can give +5 say to someone, then sure give +5, you can't say "I'll rep you X times if you do this", that's abusing, what's the point in the rep limit? The majority are mature enough not to abuse it, which is why I allowed it, but if it continues to get abused it'll be restricted to one given rep only.

    The rep system does exactly what it says it does, it shows how appreciated the user it, a new user can see someone with 100+ points in a community which normally has less as a very HQ user and one they can come to for help/guidance. But if that user has 30+ of its points off one user alone when user X has 75 legitimate points, is that fair? Anyway, you get the point.

    I trust you guys not to abuse this as I really don't want to remove it as I enjoy multiple repping myself.

    Edit: By the way this is aimed at no one in particular, when I say the majority of people aren't abusing, it's because it's not a massively used feature, a lot of people are doing it, so I thought I'd give you a friendly reminder. :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Understood.

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  3. I gave KILL STEEN KILL 3x 5 rep because he gave me an orange Wednesday code which cost him 25p, I didn't think 5 rep was enough for that?
  4. Why would it not be enough? Your user group isn't set to give +15 reputation, you can give more than anyone else apart from Chairmen's so 5 rep is fine.
  5. Well we differ in opinions then :/
  6. +5 is fine imo, rep holds little to zero value around here beyond abit of fun.
  7. Gna -140 rep you
  8. Re: RE: Reputation Abuse


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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Cookies :LAUGH:
  11. Great post. + 10'd

  12. Sorry but i did noteven know how the old one work?
  13. So promising Dolph ziggler cookies in exchange for rep was not Ok :okay:
  14. Ok, understood. :burns:
  15. Old thread :tough:
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