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  1. Smilies created by Sackfist
    I Accept Requests!

    Use them all you want:
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    1. Copy This:
    [img]Insert Copied Link[/img]
    2. Copy the link of the image

    3. Paste in the code, where it says "insert copied link"

    4. Ding Unofficial Smilie

    Post an image and I'll fill in a request

    Due to 25 image limit: Wrestling Edition #1
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    [​IMG] :henry: or :wsm:

    [​IMG] :miz: or :awesome:

    [​IMG] :dreamer:

    [​IMG] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:eoplepower1:

    [​IMG] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:eoplepower2:

    [​IMG] :baby:


    [​IMG] :ustitle:

    [​IMG] :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:eoplepower:

    [​IMG] :briefcase: or :mitb:

    [​IMG] :boom:

    [​IMG] :cobra:

    [​IMG] :what:


    [​IMG] :barrett:


    [​IMG] :success:

    [​IMG] :yeah:

    Next section: Misc #1
  2. Sackfist Smilies

    Awesome, Crayo must add this shit! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. Sackfist Smilies

    Cartman :obama:


    what is the boom one all about
  4. Sackfist Smilies

  5. Sackfist Smilies

    Xanth works.
  6. Sackfist Smilies

    Misc #1
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    [​IMG] :emoji_hushed:hhellno:

    [​IMG] :smooches:

    We love you really Savage

    [​IMG] :batman:

    [​IMG] :xanthpalm: or :xanthdream: or :xanth1:

    [​IMG] :smurfxanth:

    [​IMG] :spidy:


    [​IMG] :captainamerica:

    [​IMG] :nerd:

    [​IMG] :famguynerd:

    [​IMG] :cooper:


    [​IMG] :worstsmilieever: or :worst:

    [​IMG] :emoji_grin:ococ:

    [​IMG] :roger:

    [​IMG] :rhyno:

    [​IMG] :intelligent:

    [​IMG] :lookwatigot:

    [​IMG] :dumb:

    [​IMG] :ironman:

  7. Sackfist Smilies

    Xanth one wont be added, ever. Stop pissing me off.
  8. Re: RE: Sackfist Smilies

    You know its all banter we all love you really.

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  9. RE: Sackfist Smilies

    We love you really Xanth [​IMG]
  10. RE: Sackfist Smilies

    I want the cartman one. That's all I will use then :dawg:
  11. RE: Sackfist Smilies

    Thanks @[Asskicker] You can use them now actually using the image way, we must wait until Crayo adds them
  12. RE: Sackfist Smilies

    I want @[Crayo] to fucking add it! Lol #Riot
  13. Sackfist Smilies

    Updated with some new ones. Influenced By Dark Knight movie I saw yesterday
  14. RE: Sackfist Smilies

    Fuuuuuuuck Ironman Smilies. Thanks Sackfist! :emoji_kissing_heart:****

    [​IMG] :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap: :fap:
  15. Sackfist Smilies

    How did you do the IronMan smilie?
  16. Sackfist Smilies

  17. Sackfist Smilies

    Great smilies, I like them.
  18. Sackfist Smilies

    These are awesome man! Really hopes Crayo adds them!
  19. Sackfist Smilies

    Yeh, :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:eoplepower: is amazing! So are all the others!
  20. Sackfist Smilies

    Crayo added the Pity smilie everyone :pity1:

    Added another Lauranaitis to edition 2