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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Since we added a feature where users can upload their own banners (hover over your name, click preferences), I thought this could be a thread where users request some graphics guys to make them one (probably for some forum cash).

    It's a cool feature and will definitely improve your profile.
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  2. Soon as I saw Shadows I put one on mine. Looks nice. I like this new feature, mine is of course cat themed. lmao
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  3. i'm not privileged enough to see it :george:
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  4. Have to keep my stuff private cause forum people have jokes.
  5. Anybody got a cool banner of The Rock they'd like to give me?
  6. All good, just don't see the point in a banner if no one can see it anyway :hmm:
  7. I can enjoy it and the people I follow can. :obama:
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  8. wils now realizes he has no followers :please-54:
  9. lolol
  10. Now I can express my love for MGS even more.
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  11. get followed bitch <3
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  12. ly
  13. A longer Scott Hall one, more nWo in the center with Razor on the outsides. I have time.
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    What would one google to find one of these? Like if they can't be arsed to just make their own?

    I'd enjoy one with some of the darker wrestling characters.
  15. San Francisco Giants one would be the shiznit
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