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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 22, 2012.

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  2. Sounds like a 7/10, maybe 8/10. I'll have to watch, though.
  3. Sounds like a good show, I'll be sure to tune in.
  4. This booking is awesome. Ziggler looks great tonight and this is how he should be booked on RAW, the predator who can cash in at any minute. ADR going over Ortion clean further backs up my theory that Orton is wrongfully hated for "burying" in the IWC, he seems to always lay down now. Though, I sense a heel turn for him soon. The tag-team stuff is quite cool, the rest seems sort of filler but you expect that. I'll be muting commentary throughout the episode because of Teddy Long.

    Oh, Ryback cutting a promo and winning = :win:

    The guy is getting more over every ep.
  5. *Video feature on Brock breaking Lesnar's arm.

    So interesting.
  6. Trips is such an ego maniac, he's edited the footage so Brock didn't break his arm.
  7. Hunter must be talented if Brock managed to break Lesnar's arm
  8. :true:

  9. orton tapping?
    He's no longer the golden child.

    Orton why you have to steal RVD's stash?
  10. I was bored throughout besides the Ziggler bit. Del Rio should be replaced by Bryan.
  11. Orton tapping clean... :obama:
  12. i liked ADR winning :emoji_grin:
  13. I hate Del Rio.
  14. Why? :sad:
  15. Not a good episode, not much positive to say other than Orton tapping and all the titles deemed too unimportant for Raw (Divas, Tag Team, and US) finally being spotlighted. It's a shame that WWE has conditioned us to believe that there's no hope for the Divas' and Tag divisions.

    First off, the under three minute matches just aren't believable, and Smackdown has to stick 4 of them on this show. They aren't long enough to really do anything except bury people, and that's exactly what happened. Get rid of the damned Raw Recaps that bury your show, and add more length to these matches. Please.

    I liked the Sin Cara/Heath Slater segment because it progressed this feud, but this feud just isn't working... Rhodes, buddy, you're trying, but you're trying to seriously promote a feud using that ludicrous picture, and facing someone who can't talk... there's only so much you can do. And Slater shouldn't be winning.

    Really enjoyed the commentary, great stuff there. Ziggler was fine until the RKO finish so the show ended with Orton looking strong over a fallen Ziggler... fucking ludicrous stuff there. Was afraid of the opener because of Orton/Sheamus/Del Rio mic time (Sheamus can work the mic, but the other two are completely awful) but lets not look a gift horse in the mouth since Orton's finally something different besides the same boring babyface everyone else is in the main event scene. And Ryback vs Jinder was pretty underwhelming payoff for a feud, but I guess it was fine save for the length...

    And finally... Uggghhhh
    Show Spoiler
    I didn't think anyone would replace Eric Young or Raquel Diaz as the most obnoxious, annoying, intolerable, cringeworthy character on television, but having a grown man trying to console a sock puppet? That'll do it! I used to like Santino, the power walk, the mispronunciations, the creative finishes, the assumption that Anthony Carelli is having a lot of fun in this role... but this was just bad. Really. Fucking. Bad. Welcome Santino to the 3rd person on my Mute/Fast Forward list.

    Oh, and Antonio came out with new music which wasn't any good, having the same awful character, and finally we see something good out of the guy. He came across like an absolute douche saying "Winner" in 5-different languages, rubbing it in Santino's face over and over again... Still don't think this character's very good, but it looks like Antonio's good enough to get heat despite it.

    I guess it deserves a 4/10, in large part because it's only 2 hours.
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