Results from the Conquest Tour Stops in Milwaukee & Chicago Ridge

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    ROH fans in the Mid West once again turned out in record numbers this past weekend when we returned to Milwaukee and Chicago Ridge. Be on the look out for the VOD's of both events coming soon here at

    ROH Conquest Tour
    Saturday March 13, 2015
    Milwaukee, WI

    Ring of Honor returned to the raucous confines of the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee and we kicked things off with “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong defeating Ayra Daivari. Strong won via submission with the Strong Hold.

    Will Ferrara def Silas Young via DQ after a low blow. After a 7 month layoff due to injury, “The Last Real Man” returned strong and got disqualified! Ferrara may have won, but not in the manner he would have liked.

    In a battle of two guys willing to risk it all, Mark Briscoe def Beer City Brusier.

    RPG Vice (Rocky Romero & Berretta) def The Decade (BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs)
    Jimmy Jacob surprisingly observed the code of honor by shaking both Beretta and Romero’s hands. This did not sit well with BJ Whitmer.

    Matt Taven informed the fans that he was “Mr Must See” then proceeded to defeat Cheeseburger.

    Former ROH World Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin defeated Josh Alexander with a lariat in a very hard hitting contest.

    “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe def ACH in a match that left fans in awe.

    ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) def ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe & ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal. The ROH World Tag Team Champions won when Kyle O’Reilly forced Jay Lethal to submit.

    ROH Conquest Tour
    Saturday March 14, 2015
    Chicago Ridge, IL

    Our opening contest saw J. Diesel with Truth Martini def Will Ferrara.

    ACH defeated Jimmy Jacobs with the 450. To the shock of many, against the self imposed protocol of The Decade, Jimmy Jacobs shook the hand of ACH. BJ Whitmer was clearly not happy with this.

    Four Corner Survival for a Proving Ground: Instant Reward opportunity
    Silas Young, returning after a 7 month layoff due to injury def Mark Briscoe, Matt Taven, & “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong. Silas would attempt to shake the hands of his competitor, but they all refused.

    Proving Ground: Instant Reward Chicago Street Fight. If Cliff Compton wins, he gets an automatic ROH World Television Title Match on the spot.

    Jay Lethal defeated Cliff Compton with the lethal injection after interference from both J. Diesel and Truth Martini.

    The 6’2 300lb Beer City Bruiser defeated Cheeseburger in a battle of David versus Goliath. Cheeseburger could not overcome the girth and power of the Bruiser who is starting to make a name in ROH.

    Tommaso Ciampa came to address the fans. He addressed the ring injury he suffered during the main event of Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Spectacular. He informed the fans of Chicago Ridge that he is now a free agent. He would be interrupted by “The Last Real Man” Silas Young. Young essentially told Ciampa that everyone has trouble with their bosses and to get over it. Young reminded him that he was injured and if he was smart he would leave the ring. Officials would charge out to ensure tensions did not escalate. This is certainly not the end of the issue between the two.

    Proving Ground: Instant Reward for ROH World Title opportunity. If Silas Young defeats Jay Briscoe, he gets an automatic ROH World Title Match on the spot. Jay Briscoe defeated Silas Young. “The Last Real Man” had an amazing weekend, but ultimately succumbed to the Jay Driller.

    Proving Ground: Instand Reward for ROH Tag Title. If RPG Vice win they get an automatic (ROH World Tag Team Title opportunity on the spot.

    RPG Vice (Beretta & Rocky Romero) def reDRagon to win the instant reward. The Champions would storm back in the championship portion to put away the newly formed duo. The fans of Chicago Ridge saw the birth of perhaps the next great tag team in RPG Vice. reDRagon proved once again why they are the best tag team in ROH and the world with a successful title defense.

    In a highly anticipated match up featuring 2 of the baddest men on the plant, Samoa Joe def Michael Elgin via submission.

    Before leaving Joe let it be known that he was coming for ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe.
    – Joe thanked the fans and said he’s coming for Jay Briscoe

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