Retarded Dirtsheet rumour about Ryback turning face/Henry getting a push

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Don't believe this for a second but go ahead and discuss anyway. Lol if WWE actually did that, turned a guy heel just to be buried by Cena before turning him face.
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  2. Second one should be its own thread, but yeah, the rumour is most likely true regarding Ryback.
  3. What's the name of the striker in your sig?
  4. Hahaha, brilliant booking.
  5. +1 for that epic thread title, haha. Great job Ryan.

    Answer part 2 first: Lolwut? Henry isn't credible for a title shot? Yeah you can argue nobody is since Cena's been pushed so freaking far ahead of the rest of the roster, but Henry's already credible as fuck. Feels like this feud's hurting him by attacking a guy who hasn't had momentum in months for no reason as the guy he just beat goes after the title...

    And part 1... I don't know. That may actually be smart, letting him feud with WWE's top heel will do wonders for his face pops. Just don't make the guy do a clean job.
    Still there are soooooooo many better ways to go about this than turn-return but you already know that :adr:
  6. I wouldn't like Ryback as face, but neither as heel, he'd be a great tweener.
  7. Yeah, as long as Ryback doesn't job clean it won't make it any worse than it already is. Henry, well, I'd love it if he won the belt or at least got close to it.
  8. I actually called the Ryback thing and was gonna even create a thread about it a few days ago but decided against it. It reminds me of Michaels/Hogan for some reason. That feud saw Michaels turn heel by super kicking Hogan but then turn back baby face right afterwards, just a mere month later. He was an awesome heel for that one month, though. Here, Ryback hasn't really done anything too unforgivable. If not for his insulting the crowd, I said myself in a previous thread that it wouldn't/doesn't even feel like a heel turn. It could have easily been played as him attacking Cena because of his wanting to be WWE Champion and then explaining why he has no love loss for Cena anyway because of Cena's refusal to ever help him when The Shield destroyed him and cost him the WWE Title so many times. Virtually the same angle they're running with now, just a small bit of tweaking.

    This also makes me still scratch my head at the booking of the Ryback/Henry match at Wrestlemania. Yeah, I know it means nothing in the long run but still. Ryback lost yet another match there and now he's set to lose another one. I''d preferred if that match just ended in a draw (double countout) and then saw Ryback shell shock Henry after the match.

    Anyway, I got that vibe of Ryback turning back face after the Cena match for some reason. It's like they're teasing whether they want Ryback to make a full fledged heel or whether they want to turn him back face afterwards.

    As for Henry defeating Sheamus... Don't see the issue there at all.
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  9. Yeah topic 1 is no real surprise and fits WWE logic real well.

    Topic 2 doesn't fit WWE logic real well since that'll require Sheamus to lose. Plus, Henry has enough credibility to go for the WWE championship.
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