Summerslam Retarded idea

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Swing Car, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. So it's SummerSlam.

    Title vs title.

    Sheamus cashes in. Pins Cena.

    Winner and neeeeew UNITED STATES champion, Sheamus!

    It was title vs. title, he pinned the U.S Champion. Therefore, U.S champion.

    Just so retarded it might work.

    Cena loses dirty and isn't a 16x champion yet.

    Rollins lol's.
  2. The cash-in would happen prior to the Title vs Title match, right? I mean, if Cena defeated Rollins and Sheamus cashed-in post-match, Sheamo would be both US and WWE-WHC.
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  3. Appropriate thread title.

    Why would Sheamus want to be the United States Champion when he has an easy cash-in opportunity for the world title? And since the briefcase is only for the WWE Championship, I'm assuming Sheamus wouldn't even be allowed to challenge for the title until Cena and Rollins' match was officially over.

    The only permutation of this idea I could see working is if Sheamus WAS allowed to cash in in the middle of the match (and did) and made it a triple-threat where the first person to score the pinfall or submission walked away with both titles regardless of who was pinned or submitted. Typically, the person cashing in and leaving with both titles on their shoulders while Cena and Rollins are left standing there with nothing would be a pretty interesting idea, but since that person would be Sheamus, it isn't.
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  4. Pretty much.
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  5. makes no sense. and as much as I don't want to see sheamus cash in...this would be a horrible screw job for him....
  6. *reads idea* ..... Well I guess it's time to smoke some weed
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