Retirement, cya.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Kio, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Well not sure if most of you even know me before I start typing all this. I'm Abdul living in Leeds, UK and I can tell you if you talk about last year I had no interest in wrestling, infact I was the same guy that told my mate it's fake even though he never believed me. Now if I look at myself, I know it's scripted I know all tips n tricks but I can't get my eyes of it. I'm one of those crazy crazy fans. Even though I'm well far away from those important GCSE and A Levels and Degrees years i the future I think I could do with looking forward and concentrating on my education, making my best better. Might seem weird but wrestling is just too close to me, I want to give it a end. I am forced to watch Raw and Smackdown every week and just cannot stop it. I want to forget all this and basically spend more time socially. Whether I was very new or inactive to this place it always felt like a family and will always be in my mind. I will try to tackle taking away all those heart-touching episodes away. Love you WWEF, good bye!!
  2. It sucks to see anyone leave, whether you're known or not. Good luck in life, especially your education!
  3. Good luck with your new objectives dude.
  4. Goodbye and good luck with your future man
  5. Later dude. We hardly knew yah.
  6. Sayonara.
  7. I do not believe we have ever met, so, hello. Oh, and goodbye. HustleLoyaltyHoff
  8. Good luck buddy.
  9. NO THE MEMBER WITH 76 posts leaves!

    Come back whenever, this isn't a goodbye, this is an "until i see you next" reply.
  10. It's a real honour guys, time goes so fast. Doesn't even seem how I'm so young. Anyways Survivor Series has been my all-time favourite PPV's and bang I can't miss it, have to watch it. My final couple of posts today, lov m, say yes for my century!
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