Kayfabe Retirement

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  1. *Ryan Blake is in the middle of the ring after his defeat to the Blade. He looks dazzled as the doctors attend to him. He calls for a microphone as he pushes the doctors off him. The fans continue to boo Ryan Blake as he begins to speak*

    Ryan Blake: What can I say? That fucking midget wouldn't stop jumping and running all over the place. I was all over him that match and he did have heart....He wouldn't stay down. I don't have the heart for this place anymore and that's sad. The Blade finished me with one finisher which is sad. I could have and should have kicked out....I just couldn't bring myself to do it. This was never my sport and it never will be....I'm just a true MMA world champion. I did try to do my best in this ring but it comes a time when you know you should hang up your boots. I have been around since TWF wrestling and that's a long ass time. The Blake name will always live on in the wrestling world....I'm just not the Blake that was worthy to be world champion. So it saddens me to say that I'm announcing my retirement from professional wrestling as of today. I will continue to do my GM responsibilities and run this company the right way. The Monarchy will live on in this wrestling ring with the World champion Buster Gates and the new blood Andersen Vega. Next week I will hold a fatal 4 way match to decide the new European champion....Andersen Vega will give up his Iron Man championship to be in this match. I still don't have anyone for Buster Gates so he will go a week without defending his title....I really can't find anyone who will step up to the big man. I can't really say anything else other than keep watching....Summerslam will be epic. Thank you all for watching me over the years.

    *Ryan Blake grabs the EU title and begins to leave the ring. The crowd begins to chant "Thank you Ryan" among some boos. Ryan Blake takes one more look around before he leaves to the backstage*

    (OOC: Did this really fast so chill with the mistakes I probably made)
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