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  1. Guise, please wirte me a retreat letter. Even if you don't know me IRL, but I revealed everything to you guys. I consider you guize as family, and besides, no one wants me to write me one.... *forever alone*

    PM it to me here, or to my facebook (, or to my email ([email protected]) until Tuesday night. A little note hepls. Thank youuu... :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Respond if you're gonna write me one. :emoji_wink:)
  2. Had to google what a retreat letter was.

    what to write in it? :/
  3. A what?
  4. A Retreat Letter is a letter written usually by a family member or friend to a retreatant, person attending a retreat. The letter is usually a secret and given to the retreatant to read during a time of deep contemplation, and personal reflection. The letter should be encouraging, and inspiring. It could be as detailed a sharing a personal story, maybe telling the retreatant the things you admire about him/her, or as simple as sharing a favorite bible verse or saying and ending with well wishes.

    a retreatant is, Web definitions: a participant in a religious retreat.
  5. Give us some more information about it rkolover. What's going on? Can we mention that we know you online? Etc.
  6. Sure I'll send you a letter
  7. Just need more information >.< no idea what its about
  8. Just write a letter, whatever you like to writw in there. Popular things that are in there are good memories, things to improve on, etc. @[Vince McMahon] @[Link] @[Crayo]

    @[Rainman], I'll be gladly honored if you write one for me, as because we're PMing like crazy. Thanks for the positive comments!
  9. Babump. I need at least 7. :emoji_slight_smile:)


    Babump. Long story short: Think of it as a survey, only in letter form. Also, you can write best memory, what you would like me to do, etc. Funny stuff would be awesome. :emoji_wink:)
  10. Babump.

    2 sent me one already (@[HeatherSays] and @[Rainman]). I'll let my cuz print the stuff. Thank you guys! :emoji_kissing_heart:*** :X
  11. NP :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. ok i write one now i bit nervous i not do right >.<
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  13. Thanks Vince! :emoji_wink:)
  14. tell me what the retreat thing is o.o might help me
  15. No problem, Miss Hannah!
  16. @[Vince McMahon], it's like a survey in a letter form. Ex. What do you like/hate about me? Best memory? Best trait? What to improve on?
  17. no i mean the retreat. on google it say it a religous retreat or something. what is it? you going somewherE???
  18. Sir @[Rainman], Don't call me Miss Hannah, Hannah will suffice. Thank you, I feel like I'm not alone anymore, especially no one IRL wrote me one. Sorry if it's kind of a rush!


    @[Vince McMahon]
    For 2 days, yes. I'll be going to a religious retreat, but the letter doesn't have to contain religious stuff.

    It's in Silang, Cavite. You don't even know where there, because we're going to a forest. 8D
  19. :O sounds cool! i will be finish soon i think!
  20. Babump.

    Thanks Vince! 4 to go! :emoji_slight_smile:)
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