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Last week, Mustafa Ali picked up the first win in RETRIBUTION history. The group followed that up with a tag win over the Raw men’s Survivor Series team last night (Nov. 16), and RECKONING announced her presence in the women’s division with authority by taking out Dana Brooke backstage.

Now this morning, the group has taken over WWE’s Twitter account:

The @WWE account is mine.

— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) November 17, 2020
Are you listening now? @wwe

— Reckoning (@ReckoningRTRBTN) November 17, 2020

We’ll see where this goes, but it’s a welcome change from how the constant missteps that plagued the group’s rollout - from story beats that didn’t make sense like an anarchist faction signed by the company they were trying to destroy, to booking decisions like using the group to put over The Hurt Business.

This internet attack ties into the SmackDown hacker gimmick which Ali brought to the group when he was revealed as their leader last month.

The corporate-mandated “brand vs. brand” theme of this weekend’s Survivor Series would be a good place for some insurgents to cause chaos, don’t you think?

UPDATE: Well, the takeover didn’t last long, or amount to much. It did use Twitter’s new “Stories”-like feature to produce some good promos that will disappear in 24 hours, though.

Dude, this RETRIBUTION promo needs to air on TV ASAP!!!

The group finally pointing out their specific reasons for joining based on their WWE past is key.

MACE on Brock, Reckoning on why she turned, T-Bar on Keith/Triple H. All important.

(SOURCE: WWE’s latest set of Fleets)

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) November 17, 2020

Factor that into your thinking about whether this is too little, too late for RETRIBUTION.

How does it feel to lose control?

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) November 17, 2020
YOÜ ̰̖̠ͣ͋͗G͍͙̟ͯ̎̌ȆͦT̺̪̠̂͋͆

W̲̹̰̒ͨͫH͇͈AṮ̥͚͛ͧ̃ Y̭̻ͮͧO̬U̲̙̟ͯ͗́ ̼̾DE͖̬S̩̲̩̋̃́ERV̦̤ͅE @wwe ( ╹ਊ╹)

— M̭̦̥͖̞̟̯̹A̲̮͎͚ͅC͇̞̹͕͎̪̟̜̱͈E̹̭͎̗̣̱̤̯̠̮̮̤̪̘͓ͅ (@RETRIBUTIONMACE) November 17, 2020
˙uɹnʇ ɹno⅄

— The Message (@TheMessageWWE) November 17, 2020

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