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    What is your favorite retro system and game? What was the first system you owned?

    Is there a retro game series you'd like to see brought to the next gen (PS4/XBONE) systems?

    I would count retro as PS2/Original Xbox (since they are 2 generations old now) or older.

    My favorite was/is/always will be the SNES.... a huge library of games (many of them classics), decent graphics, great system and controller design... it was the 4th system I owned. Favorite game was Legend of Zelda: A LInk to the Past. First system I owned was the Atari 2600. I'd love to see Bubble Bobble on the next gen systems.
  2. Favourite retro system: Sega Genesis because of all the time I wasted playing it.

    Favourite retro game: since you're including PS1 as retro I'll go with FF7. It's my favourite game ever still to this day.

    I still want an HD remake of FF7 dammit!

    As for a retro series they should bring back, streets of rage. Loved all of them and they just don't make beat em ups anymore.
  3. Castle Crashers?

    But they have re-released FF7, on PS Vita i'm sure.

    Also, is the Wii U next gen? You mentioned PS2/Xbox Original but no Gamecube?

    Favourite Retro Console is the N64, because no loading times :emoji_grin:! Also they need to bring back Timesplitters.
  4. SNES was my first and favorite old school system.
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    Wii U is definitely next gen.... Gamecube is slightly older than the PS2 so it is retro.

    The FF7 game on PSP was a prequel
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    I'd have to find the article but I read that Squaresoft has said they will never make an HD FF7 even though there was a petition that got a shitload of signatures demanding it. Square/Enix is the WWE of gaming.. they just don't listen to the fans.

    Here ya go:
  7. Nintendo 64 as my favorite retro system, NES in a close second. Favorite retro games would be Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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  8. Lol it's not like a remastering will do it any good, have you seen the FFX HD Remake they have coming out, there's like hardly any difference besides color rerendering/background rendering :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. What is your favorite retro system and game? SEGA Genesis/PS2, Streets of Rage trilogy <3

    What was the first system you owned? SEGA Genesis

    Was there a retro game series you'd like to see brought to the next gen (PS4/XBONE) systems? Streets of Rage, Virtua Striker
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  10. Im kind of fuzzy on it, I started at a very young age lol like 3 or 4 :emoji_slight_smile:
    I'm pretty sure my brother had an SNES and then I got like a Sega Genesis
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  11. Sega Genesis was my favorite old school system. It was also my first system when I was about 5 or so. Fast forward 20 years, I can't believe what we have now.
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  12. Super Nintendo because of Donkey Kong Country series, Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, and Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
    PS1 because of Metal Gear Solid.

    I'd like to see DKC series remade.
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  13. A Link To The Past is popular here it seems. At the time, the gameplay mechanics were ground breaking. I absolutely love the music too.
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  14. I loved it so much because it was like playing a beefed up version of the NES classic (my 2nd favorite game) with better graphics, gameplay, and an expanded story. It was nostalgic and new at the same time. One of the reasons I am thinking of getting a 3DS and Link Between Worlds.
  15. Genesis was damn great, although I was a big fan of the Super Famicom.

    As for favorite Retro game, I'm a big Time Crisis guy. That game was the shit and I plan on buying an arcade machine for it.
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  16. Time Crisis was awesome.. first gun game I really played at the arcade.. must have spent $10 to $20 a sitting. I tried Mad Dog McCree but could not stand the real video instead of graphics.
  17. Not sure how good it is but there is a mod for a hugely graphically updated version of FF7 for the PC.
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