Ring of Honor Other Retro/Indie Weekly Group Rewatch/Discussion Final Poll

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Jeffry Fucking Mason, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. So basically, this is gonna be the final poll to determine what we watch, now that I've seen that there's at least a little interest in this. And like some of you have mentioned, maybe/hopefully it will catch on with other people once we get it started.

    For the poll, I kept all the choices that had more than 1 vote, and will tag everyone who voted in the other poll. (Though anyone is free to join or vote at any time). This time around, you only get 1 vote, so pick the one you would MOST like to watch and discuss as a group. (And again, for the choices which aren't readily accessible to everyone, all you need is an email address and I've got you covered, so don't worry about not having access or needing to work hard to search out the shows, just pick what you wanna watch most.)

    As for when this will actually start...I was thinking I'd keep the poll up and we can get started in about a month, since I know a few of us will be pretty goddamn busy keeping up with the G1 :emoji_wink:

    @Omega Maniax
    @Aurtle the Turtle
    @Mike Thunder
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  2. Tough choice, this will need to be thought through.
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  3. Well you have plenty of time lol
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  4. G1 ends this weekend. I figure we can all have a week to recover from that, and give anyone else a last chance to vote who hasn't done so yet, and then we can set this up for real and work out the specifics. If anyone has any questions or comments, lemme know
  5. Went with TNA, hoping its the early days because I haven't watched much of that.
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  6. Yes, the plan is to watch it from the beginning, the very first weekly PPV. It's currently in the lead by 2 votes too, so it seems like it will win unless more people join.
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  7. The poll will close tomorrow night sometime, and unless the current result changes, we can plan on watching the very first episode of the TNA weekly PPVs on Wednesday for discussion/review. Lemme know if anyone has any questions or comments, or PM me if anyone needs help being able to watch the first episode. Thanks to all who have shown interest so far
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  8. It appears that TNA has won the vote. :emoji_grin:
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  9. Indeed. Will set up a "Rate" thread for the first NWA-TNA show on Wednesday night
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  10. Alrighty boys and girls, here's the deal: I hate to do this, but I've gotta push this back until next week. Having some family stuff go on right now and these past couple days, and I'm not gonna have time to set this up properly the way I want, and also won't have the time to watch the episode to have it fresh in my mind. But mark your calendars, because next Wednesday, this thing will get started for real
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  11. Still planning on it...just needed to be delayed a little is all
  12. No worries, figured I should nudge you along XD
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