Other Retro/Indie Weekly "Group Rewatch/Discussion" Idea

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Jeffry Fucking Mason, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but after seeing how many people are seemingly sick of the current WWE product in a recent thread, I figure now could be a good time to actually set this up. But there are SO MANY alternatives to modern WWE, I don't want to just start a bunch of discussion threads that never get used. So this thread, as indicated in the title, will just be to see if people are interested in participating, and if so, what specifically y'all are interested in.

    More or less, it would work the same as any of the other weekly discussion threads for current wrestling, except obviously it wouldn't be of stuff happening live. So let's say we pick WCW for example, then we would all watch the same episode of Nitro within the same week, and after Monday we could all start talking about it the same as we do with the current shows. The only real rule I guess would be no spoilers.

    Yes, I realize this isn't the same as watching it all together, but realistically between time zones and work/school/life schedules being different for most of us, this is the most plausible way to do it. I think it could be a lot of fun for us older wrestling fans to go back and rewatch stuff we haven't seen in a long time, and for newer fans to see what something for the first time besides the current products. With us all being at basically the same place in watching, it will help to get both of those sides to come together and talk about the wonderful world which is professional wrestling, through the good and the bad, instead of people just randomly discussing moments from the past. I dunno, I'm terrible at explaining this, but I think you get the gist of what I'm trying to start.

    Here's a list of some of the ideas I have for us to watch as a group and what each one would cover. If you have even the slightest interest in being a part of weekly discussions (no obligations, obviously) for any of the following, let me know by selecting them in the poll, and if any of them get enough interest, I'll go ahead and start an actual discussion thread for that specific topic. And of course, feel free to add your own ideas, or just comment your thoughts on the idea in general.

    WCW- Nitro (starting from Episode 1, 1995), Monthly PPV's, eventually Thunder

    WWF-Raw (starting from Episode 1, 1993), monthly PPV's, eventually Smackdown

    TNA-Weekly PPV's (not on the Network, but easy enough for everyone to get access to), eventually monthly PPV's and weekly Impact

    Dojo Wars-A weekly show put on by CZW since 2014 entirely for free on Youtube. Basically the NXT of CZW, where they have a lot of students who are ready to have matches wrestle, but also have main roster guys and outside guests wrestle too. And it took them almost 2 years to even hold a single deathmatch, and even now it's not a regular thing, so don't let the CZW hate blind you :emoji_wink:

    Random Weekly Indie Show-Either we can find a random weekly indie show, past or present, put up in full on Youtube for free so it's easily accessible to everyone, OR this can be done through the Highspots streaming network, which is like 10 USD a month, and has a TON of shows from a TON of promotions, from a lot of eras, plus shoots and other original content.

    ROH- Monthly/semi-regular shows starting in 2002. Probably the hardest to acquire out of those I listed, but possibly the best from a wrestling quality standpoint. Some people may be able to help acquiring these shows for you if you are interested, too :emoji_wink:

    So yeah, like I said, lemme know if you're interested, or your comments, or if you have other ideas for a group discussion.
  2. I love that its not an LD because Timezones mannnnnnn. So count me in!

    I don't bother getting the network anymore so not gonna go for either WCW (although i'd love to) or WWE (again would love to, but not gonna sub)

    Doesn't RoH have their shows on their website? Not sure if they keep archives or if its just the latest episode.

    I'm down for Weekly impact but I don't have access to the archives.

    No love for NJPW/AJPW?
  3. Yeah, I remember how well the whole group movie night thing went, and I'm pretty sure that died off pretty quickly thanks to timezones.

    Feel ya with the Network. I haven't bothered with it in almost 2 years, but like most things on this list, I'm willing to subscribe to a service if it gets enough interest.

    I don't believe ROH has the old stuff on their website, pretty sure it's just the TV episodes, but I could be wrong. ROH hasn't been super interesting to me in years, so I wouldn't know.

    Was actually gonna try going further back for TNA and start with the weekly PPVs.

    NJPW already has it's own dedicated general discussion thread, and AJPW also kinda sorta has an "unofficial" general discussion. I also figured that with both having kinda heavy schedules, and going back so far in time with no real good "starting point" other than the beginning, that it would make for a very long and tedious watch. The G1 alone would take what, 20 weeks to get through, then there's the BOTSJ and the World Tag League. Basically just to get through those 3 alone, it would take a year to complete if we stick to the one show a week format, and if we add more to that format to get through it quicker, I don't see many people sticking around long or joining in the first place. I would love to, but realistically, it would take way too long and die off rather quick.

    For the WCW, ROH, and TNA options, I can provide almost everything you (or anyone else interested) would need, with the only real possible downside being that you would need to give me your email address for me to send them to you. Dailymotion is another option for some of these, but it isn't nearly as reliable, and is usually split up into many parts in less-than-stellar quality. The only truly free AND 100% legal option listed above would be the Dojo Wars series, which is all up on Youtube.
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  4. Count me in!
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  5. I would be interested in this. I may not be consistent everyweek. I'd be cool with the old tna or wcw episodes.
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  6. That wouldn't be a big deal at all. Like I said, there wouldn't be any commitment, it's not like you get kicked out of the group for missing a week lol. As long as we have a few active people every week, you will be able to either figure out what you missed, or watch the week's episode late. Also, would you mind checking those off in the poll at the top? Just so I can keep better track of them. Thanks in advance

    Planning on scheduling to start these once one of em (or more) get to 5 people interested. Hopefully we can get more after we start, but I figure that's a good starting number of people.